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Vegas: The (Third) Best Around?

June 9, 2011 at 12:03 PM | by | ()

It's looking like the thrill may be permanently gone when it comes to taking a gamble in Vegas.

A new TIME magazine article says Sin City may soon lose it's number two spot when it comes to the world's most profitable gaming destinations... to Singapore.

The American Gaming Association has projected that the city-state will become the world's second largest gambling hub with forecast earnings of $6.4 billion. This figure will allow Singapore to surpass Vegas, which is expected to bring in $6.2 million, in the rankings.

Vegas lost the number one spot to Macau a few years back. The article states that Macau raked in a whooping $23.5 billion last year alone.

Tell us, when it comes to your Vegas vacation, where does gambling fall on your list? Is it in the top three things to do? Top five? Not even on the list? Let it ride in the comments below!

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Archived Comments:

There's no way

Americans can compete with the Chinese when it comes to gambling. The Chinese love to gamble and it's in their blood. I've had many Chinese friends who used to gamble at home with their parents every weekend. It's a pastime for them as opposed to just a recreational hobby. Money is flowing over there as well so that's another reason for the boom. I get in an hour or two of gaming in Vegas, but that's only to pass the time and enjoy the company of friends. Most Americans gamble passively, where as the Chinese gamble on a more intensive, focused way.


Not even on the list.

Who does number two work for?

It's number two on my list.  Though, to be fair, number one is an amalgam of many things.  Walking the strip while drinking, eating, and stopping at various points for live music.  See, it's all one thing.  I realize that Vegas has become more than just a gambling destination, but when I hear that a non-gambler is vacationing there, I tilt my head the way my dog does when she doesn't understand what I'm saying.  


You made me lol. Twice.

Gambling is number one.

I come to Vegas to gamble, not gawk.
No celebrities.
No clubbing.
No architecture.
No Ladies of the Evening.

Gamble, eat and drink. (Call me old fashioned).