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What Happens When You Tell Your Friend, 'Well, If You Pay For It'

July 8, 2011 at 3:56 PM | by | ()

If a friend's buying, we'll usually let them call the shots for just about anything - red versus white, Italian versus burgers, LOVE versus Fator. Wait. We wouldn't go that far. We also wouldn't go as far as @chasingkadie on Twitter who told @lauracroft83 that she would get a crappy tattoo if she'd pay for it. Oh, sorry. We meant a tattoo of a crapper. Yes, a toilet.

For reasons that surely warrant a story of its own, @lauracroft83 (yes, that Laura Croft) loves the porcelain shrine, at least according to @chasingkadie. So during a "night of drunken extremes," the twosome ended up at what Kadie thinks was Starborn Tattoo and it was there that the "shitty kitty" was born:

I don't remember getting out of the car, though. I just remember asking for water, and gum. Then, I woke up in the morning and we had a really good laugh, for well, still laughing, actually. I still get asked about it by total strangers.

Uhh, yeah. We can imagine. Note to future self: Never fall under the spell of Laura Croft. Or at least never be drunk off our a** around her.

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[Photo: @chasingkadie on TwitPic]

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Laura RUNS the website called ihatelauracroft.com?  LOL that's just awesome. That fact and her inspiration for the awesome tat raises a whole new level of respect for her Holly's World one liners that I hope we get to see more of in season 3.


sorry to be a party pooper but i hope neither of them were driving.