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Sportsbooks To Become Less Sporty

Where: 3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
July 8, 2011 at 12:17 PM | by | ()

We love sports and we enjoy going to the sportsbook and watching nothing but sports. The ability to bet is only an enhancement. It's one of the thing that we've always found special about Vegas. Ever since our first trip to Vegas we wanted to have a TV room that looks like a sportsbook. We've wanted a wall of TVs that show nothing but sports all the time. It's kind of a respite from the rest of the world.

This week may be the beginning of the end of our sportsbook experience. This week, Wynn begun taking bets on non-sporting events with the World Series of Poker.

While this may be innocent enough, it opens the door for major changes at our beloved sportsbooks. This could lead to sportsbooks taking bets on American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, The Oscars, and other live non-sporting events. We don't look down at people that enjoy those shows or want to bet on the outcomes. To each their own. We just don't want the sportsbook being overtaken by American Idol performances. Call us old school, but we just want to hang out and watch sports and don't want that to change.

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Although I like the idea of the additional betting allowed - it could be interesting once in awhile - I hope the sportsbook(s) remains sports focused as well and I'd be willing to bet (ha) it will.  Unless a special viewing party is setup for a huge finale or something, I'd expect sports to continue to be front and center on the screens.

I've only seen a non-sports even being shown once in a sportsbook - the Oscars a couple years ago when there weren't any sports on (or most games were already complete?)  The book was empty when it was on.

If it's on ESPN, it must be a sport.

That is what the national spelling bee told me, anyway.

Also, the Wynn has already taken bets on DWTS <a href="http://t.co/2nST3eD">http://t.co/2nST3eD</a>

I think Cantor is the same group who created a futures market for movie box office sales.

Gambling on the results of a gambling event feels like a subplot from Inception.

@mr p

Exactly, I'm all for them making money however they can but I don't want to walk into a sportsbook one night and have to listen to AI instead of the play by play to a game that may be on.  

I'm not sure about the Oscars, if they're on tape delay in LV like most awards shows then there was no other game.


they made odds for that, but were not allowed to take bets. that was just legalized in NV. See this article in the Sun: http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2011/jul/06/us-wynn-las-vegas-new-bets/

I'm sure wagers will only be on live events because foul play could be involved with recorded shows.

Also, the spelling bee is on ABC now. :)