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What Ladies Need to Know About Getting into the Clubs

July 11, 2011 at 3:23 PM | by | ()

All the single ladies, all the single ladies. And taken ladies too. Our Club Kid BrandyAlxander is back with her firsthand expertise on getting into the best Vegas clubs and partying VIP style. We know, we know. Dudes probably need more help with this but you're just gonna have to wait in line a little longer.

My first glimpse into Vegas’ nightlife scene was when I was 13. I wasn’t partying it up like Drew Barrymore did in her wild child days (though that would’ve been amazing, celeb rehab and all). It was when I was watching MTV’s Real World: Las Vegas, the first go-around, when the seven strangers lived in the now infamous suite at The Palms.

I really shouldn’t have been watching the show, but even at the tender age of 13, I knew I was destined to dance the night away with my friends in some posh setting. And since I turned 21 last year, I’ve visited 21 of Vegas’ nightclubs. (They don’t call me a club kid for nothin’!)

So far in my crash course of clubbing, I’ve learned how to distinguish from “VIP Entry” scams and even how to score a free table with bottle service.

Allow me to help hook you up. And by “you,” I mean just women. Sorry dudes, this one is for the ladies.

1. Make Friends with a Club Promoter/Bouncer/Nightlife Employee
This is probably the utmost important step in getting hooked up. Any promoter will want to put you on his guest list (they all have quotas and commission to make), but a promoter who really likes you will arrange for a free table with bottle service. Granted there are a few minor caveats: most likely won’t be on a Friday or Saturday night, you’ll have to show up early (around 10:30), and you won’t be allowed to have men in your party. The standard tip for a table is $100, but split between a party of six or seven girls, it ain’t much considering tables run $400-$1,000.

If you’re in more of a club hopping mood, then get in good with your favorite clubs’ bouncers. They might not always be able to hook you up with a table, but if you’re alone or rolling deep with a few other hottie friends (see details in Tip #4) he can lift that velvet rope for you and you can saunter in right passed all the pissed off people who’ve paid cover and been waiting in the “guest list” line for hours.

For me, it was easy getting to know these guys because I went to college with them. A lot of our promoter and bouncer friends I know because they’re the popular frat boys with a ton of sorority girls’ numbers. But if you’re unfamiliar with the local clubbing community, don’t fret. Our next tip is for you.

2. Get Social
Now, don’t be shy. The point of going out to a nightclub is to drink $15 cocktails, dance with a stranger and then maybe, just maybe bed/him her. So friend-ing a promoter you don’t know and liking your favorite club and casino on Facebook is cake. Extremely helpful.

Social media has been a great tool for bringing bodies into clubs and you don’t have to go scouring the Strip to find a promoter or be accosted by some dude on the sidewalk with “VIP entrance cards.”

Instead, like the club you’re interested in visiting and also like the casino it’s located in because they usually work together to recruit party people. Following nightclubs on Twitter is another way to get the latest hookups, from special events, discounts on cover, or free bottle service.

And to find a club promoter on Facebook, simply type in the name of the club you want to visit, and the search will generate a list of clever promoters who’ve bypassed Facebook name regulations. A typical promoter’s Facebook is full of posts about how they’re hooking up whoever messages them with free drink tickets and no cover admission, so shooting them a message (even if you have no idea who they are) isn’t awkward or bad form. It’s pretty quid pro quo actually, you help them make their commission, they hook you up with no cover and free drinks.

3. Look Hot
If I told you your heart of gold is what will get you free VIP treatment in this city, I’d be lying. But hey, I’m not the superficial one here. The nightlife industry is.

So do what it takes to look good. I’m not talking plastic surgery extreme, but do your makeup, hair, put on some spanx if you have to. And make sure your friends do the same. A hot group of girls gets in faster, receives more freebies and are more attention grabbing, not just for the general public, but for high rollers looking to share their bottles, tables, cabanas, beds (optional) with some ladies.

4. Open Bar: Take advantage of it
If you ignored all my other tips, well forget you. You’re either a weirdo who likes waiting in line and paying for $500 for a bottle of Belvedere, or you’re the actual nightlife industry employee who does this sort of hookup-ery for a living.

Whatever the case, at least listen to me when I say take advantage of open bar. Bring a bunch of singles for tipping, arrive early, and drink all the free well drinks and cheap champagne you can in an hour. Or however long the club dictates this posh power hour (usually 10-11pm or 11pm-12am). That way, you’ll build up enough courage to do something you’ll regret the next morning. And then you’ll wish you would have listened to my other tips.

Ladies--got your own tips for getting into nightclubs? Spill 'em in comments below!

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