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Certain 'Ambassadors' Get to Raid The Minibar at The Palazzo Free of Charge

August 22, 2011 at 6:26 PM | by | ()

When The Palazzo and The Venetian announced their unusual partnership with InterContinental Hotels, we weren't quite sure how we felt about that aside from the fact that now anyone with lots of Priority Club Rewards points could earn and use free nights in Vegas.

However, our minds have been changed after seeing this video that The Points Guy aka Brian Kelly did for our big sis site, HotelChatter.

It turns out InterContinental Hotels has an upper echelon of loyalty members known as Royal Ambassadors. These high hotel rollers get some serious perks whenever they check into an InterContinental flagship hotel (Holiday Inns and other IHG brands don't count) like room upgrades, instant check-in, fresh fruit and mineral water at arrival, VIP greeting, in-room welcome gift, one free pay TV movie per stay, complimentary newspaper and a late check-out.

But another perk ambassadors receive is free reign of the minibar. Like they can guzzle every drop of alcohol, eat all the Snickers and Jelly Beans along with every last crumb of Pringles and not get charged. Oh, and the hotel will restock the minibar daily for you so you can binge like this every night of your stay.

This might not seem that exciting if you're an ambassador on a boring routine business trip but if you're an ambassador in Vegas and you want to have a little par-tay in you room, this is soo worth it.

Brian may be struggling with the ethics of it all (Catholic guilt is so hard to shake!) in this video below but we'd definitely drain that minibar dry if it were up to us.

What about you? Would you? Let us know in comments below!

Archived Comments:

Housekeeper, can I get another round?

Not only would I clean it out, I would try to work the system to get it replenished twice a day.  Think about all the resort fees you've paid without using included services; they owe you.