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How Much Longer Will There Be A Need For Workers At Sportsbooks?

August 16, 2011 at 3:45 PM | by | ()

Over the past year, we've seen betting stations and computerized betting continue to become the focus of sportsbooks. Every sportsbook Cantor Gaming builds or remodels is updated with mission control-style betting stations. Without getting up we can place sports wagers right in our seats or even with a handheld device using our Cantor Gaming account. Call us lazy, but we enjoy this freedom technology has brought to sports betting. Soon, similar computerized technology should be coming to the horse racing side of sportsbooks.

A new horse racing system will, initially, be set up kiosk-style and remove all human contact from horse betting - even payment, which is unlike the Cantor Gaming system. According to the Las Vegas Sun, the process will take less than five minutes to set up beginning when we enter our driver’s license into the kiosk and confirm some simple information like social security number, home address and so forth. When the information is verified, all we'll need to do is insert cash and go.

The technology isn't totally new as similar machines are already in operation at race tracks, but the government is not taking chances with younger people wandering into the sportsbook and placing bets.

Expect the first place to see computerized horse betting on The Strip to be at the Venetian once the renovations on their sportsbook are completed by Cantor Gaming.

Archived Comments:

Automation in the Casino

For years much of the innovation in Las Vegas was directed at reducing the personnel needed in the casino. Not just the supervisory personnel but the use of computers to automate record keeping and speed up dealing.

Loss of human interaction with ticket writers is a small price to pay for fast and error free tickets.


I can't argue with that. I'm all for being able to expedite my hunches quicker.

Mobile betting with Cantor, Leroys, Station is changing things very quickly and that's a good thing (for me).

@ eastcoastgambler

You really don't mind giving up your ID, Social Security Number, Signing a Waiver, forcing a profits and loss statement, giving up your first born, blood type, and whatever else they want to open up yet another electronic surveillance device on you, just to place a wager at the pool or in your room? I know live wagering will be easier and without lines, but you gotta go through a lot just to set this thing up and once they know your betting habits and strategies (which will now be a click of the button away), they may cut you off if you are winning too much.

On a lighter note... I do like the idea of faster, no lines, less hassle, live wagering.


They will never get rid of the need for a worker at the window. Not as long as cash is still around. Sports betting is CASH!!! We love to hold it, smell it, count it, and throw it around. You can't do that on a iPhone.


I don't mind. :)