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What The New Las Vegas High Roller Will Look Like

August 17, 2011 at 10:40 PM | by | ()

Get an eyeful of this.

In a few years, when you rave about the high roller you saw in Vegas that gave you quite a ride, you may want to qualify that statement.

Caesars Entertainment has officially Linq-ed us into their plans to build a $550 million dollar outdoor mall open-air retail, dining and nightlife destination where Imperial Palace, O'Sheas and Flamingo are now.

While company reps won't yet disclose just what chefs, retailers and nightlife venues we will see, they are more than happy to talk about everything we ever wanted to know (and then some) about what's been dubbed "The High Roller," what will be the world's largest observation wheel. (Insider tip: Don't call it a Ferris wheel in front of any Caesars exec.)

The High Roller will soar 550 feet into the sky, some 107 feet taller than the famed London Eye, and will feature 28 cabins or pods. Each spherical cabin (another first for observation wheels) will hold 40 people and will revolve individually as the wheel itself rotates. i.e, if you get motion sickness this ain't for you.

If that doesn't phase you, break out your wallets. Then be amazed at what's shaping up to be a ticket price of under $20 bucks according to Caesars officials. We guess, there's an upside to Vegas having not one, but two Ferris wheels on The Strip in the near future. Errr, we mean observation wheels.

Be a real high roller on The High Roller and rent out a whole pod for you and your friends. There's not price tag on that yet, but a company spokesman says that if we do, we'll be able to order up booze and food service, too. Wedding reception, anyone?

Ruh-oh. Better wear comfy shoes. Seems it will be mostly standing room only when riding this High Roller.

And, if you like to regale your friends with useless trivia, go crazy with this:

●The High Roller will carry an estimated 2,240 passengers an hour; 10 million annually.
●The observation wheel will weigh 6.6 million pounds.
●3-inch cables will hold the wheel in place.
●The cabins are being built in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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Looks like a wild ride!

Since CET claims....

.....to already have their financing in place, and they have a better location, I'd guess that this observation wheel is the only one that gets built.


I completely agree. The funding for the competing project probably dried up as soon as The Linq became legit. I can't see how two Ferris wheels could make it, even with the distance.

Swingers Party

 I can just see, smell and feel a Swingers Party in a pod!


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