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What To Do with a Vegas Virgin

August 19, 2011 at 12:59 PM | by | ()

If you are as into Vegas as we are, then a lot of people in your social network probably know you as that “Vegas guy (or gal)”. They tend to ask you questions for their Vegas trips about what they should do, what show they should see, what club is best, and where to stay. A lot of times these people are Vegas first timers (or haven’t-been-in-a-long-time-ers) and the experience will make or break Vegas for them. But what if, instead of advice, they want you to go with them?

This happened to us recently. A couple friends decided: “hey, we should all met up in Vegas.” On the surface that sounds great, but neither of these guys have been to Las Vegas before. So what should you do with Vegas virgins?

There are some obvious things you have to do. First off, stay somewhere on The Strip that has above bargain prices. The cheap hotels can have terrible quality and service, and that’s not how you want your friends to remember the city. Second, remember these people have never been before and may not know some unwritten rules (don’t touch the cards with two hands, don’t buy the water from the homeless guy, etc.). Be patient and explain things as you go.

But what would you show and do with them? There are the obvious touristy things like the Eiffel Tower and Stratosphere. For us though, we want to show them some things they may not have found going on their own. We want them to experience our loves. Those things for us include M Resort's buffet and 32 Draft, The Steakhouse atCircus Circus, The Griffin in Downtown Vegas, El Cortez, The Cosmopolitan and its "secret" pizza shop, Mandarin Bar, The Bellagio Fountains, and of course, Sigma Derby at MGM Grand. Those things are some of the things that make up the Vegas I know and love.

Tell us, where would you take the Vegas virgin? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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Archived Comments:

sooo many......

Fireside Lounge at the Peppermill, The Rhino, the view from Mix and Foundation Room, a cocktail at the Artisan, WET REPUBLIC, Carnevino(huge fan), dollar blackjack downtown at (insert any seedy(but awesome)casino here), showing them the general admission line at XS and the poor saps in it, etc.... I could go on and on.... to many ridiculously amazing things to do.

sorry, too many

Way more simple

Every trip is different and I only like to plan dinner so we can all regroup, share tales and explore Vegas on our own. The following are usually included:

Day trip down town, starting at El Cortez.

Often to or from somewhere fancy, like Wynn or Bellagio.

New steakhouse.

Locals Italian joint.

Spearmint Rhino if someone wants naked.

That's all and that covers just about everything Vegas has to offer.

Strip wandering otherwise.

@ eastcoastgambler

where is the locals Italian joint?  


The last one we went to was Casa Di Amore. Time before that we went to Nora's. Both were fun.

Great buffet

I'd definitely recommend The Wicked Spoon @ the Cosmo.  The prices were just about on par with other buffets in town and the food was great.  My wife and I enjoyed the opportunity to try a number of dishes you don't often see at the other buffets (bone marrow was on the menu the night we went) and it gives you a chance to try them.  We also liked the fact that they serve their menu items as (mostly) individual portions which gives you the chance to try more.  All in all a great Vegas spot!

My must see's for the Vegas Noobs

Double Down Saloon (but as I learned the first time I went DON'T take a cab directly there)  Take a cab to the Hard Rock and show people around there before walking to the Double Down.  

Dinner at Mon Ami Gabi on the patio.  Its almost always a 45 minute minimum wait but so worth it when you see someone watching the fountains while eating dinner.

The basic walking up and down the strip to see the casino's.

The view from Foundation Room.  So much easier to get into now that the general public can get in after 10pm.

A Cirque show.  (Let me clarify that with a good cirque show.)

Some various visits to the pools of Vegas.  Next time I think I am venturing to the Golden Nugget for the shark slide.

Red Rock

I'd take them out to the Red Rock conservation area.  So many return visitors, let alone first-timers don't realize it exists.  I've had visitors that preferred to spend more time out there on their trip after discovering it.