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Why Party Rockin' Mid-Week Is Better

August 19, 2011 at 1:58 PM | by | ()

Everyone wants to be up in the club in Vegas, but if you think the weekends are the only time to hit them, you're missing out. VegasChatter's Club Kid BrandyAlxander is back to tell us why that next Vegas vacation should be Monday through Thursday.

Weekends - when hotel rates and crowds are at their worst. It’s also when some of the best entertainment is scheduled, but brave the crowds and cover prices at your own risk. We bargain, er smart, party travelers know better and go out mid-week for cheaper, faster and more attentive service.

Personally, I only like to go out on The Strip during the week. Besides, my generous hook-ups can’t comp me a table on weekends, and really there’s no point in going to a club if you don’t have a table. I make exceptions, though, for my rookie friends who come to visit from out of town over the weekend, bless their hearts.

It’s once we’re in the club on a Saturday night that they immediately regret their decision. We’re packed in there like sweaty, scantily clad sardines and no matter how much we flip our hair and flash our cleavage smiles, we’re no match for the prostitutes models and their high rollers who’ve got the bartender’s attention.

But, before they can swear off Vegas nightclubs for good, I give them this list of places to really get down during midweek and invite them back for a return visit:

Monday: Marquee Mondays at The Cosmopolitan
The Monday Blues are washed away, literally, if you’re at Marquee on a Party Rock Monday with Redfoo of LMFAO – he likes to give the crowd a good champagne shower.

Tuesday: Pure at Caesars Palace
Tuesday on the Terrace with a Diva and Donny and Marie. So that last bit isn’t part of Pure’s slogan, but they might want to rewrite it considering their terrace has the best view of Caesars headliners’ wraps, like Frank “Don’t Call Me Joan Rivers” Marino and those crazy kids from Utah. But, really, Tuesdays at Pure are optimal for househeads to get their oontz on.

Wednesday: Surrender at Encore
My personal favorite. Probably because I’m a huge fan of al fresca clubbing. Or because my promoter always gives me great (read: free) bottle service for me and my friends. The mid-size crowd at Surrender makes taking advantage of the open bar so easy.

Thursday: Tryst or Encore Beach Club’s Dip n Dance
Thursdays are the new Fridays and the place to kick off the weekend is at Tryst at Wynn or Encore Beach Club at Encore -- which is the same venue as Surrender, except you can actually get in the pool, something only a few other nightclubs in Vegas offer.

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