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Another Do Not Do in Vegas: Do Not Buy Water Bottles Off The Street

August 2, 2011 at 6:28 PM | by | ()

Hooters water is cleaner than some others out there.

Folks, no matter how thirsty you are during your trip to Vegas or how stubborn you are to pay $7 for bottled water from the minibar--do not, we repeat, do not buy bottled water from someone standing out on the Strip.

You know the people we are talking about. They cart little coolers behind them with handwritten signs saying, "Bottled Water, $1.25" (or less.) The more aggressive ones wave the bottles in your face as you walk by. Yes, these cold water bottles look mighty tempting when the desert heat and your killer hangover have sweating like a whore in church while at the same time practically choking back cottonmouth. But don't do it.

In an update to those pesky street performers, local news KTNV reports some gagging discoveries about these water bottle peddlers.

"I've had people complain about the water bottles. They are not sealed and even filled in the restroom," said County Commissioner Steve Sisolak. If spotted by police, people peddling water bottles will usually get cited. But then they will just move to a different location.

Excuse us while we just vomit in a bucket right now. That means while your friend (or child) is getting felt up by Pokemon, you could be sipping on some bathroom tap. Ugh. Just don't do it. Instead find a Walgreens or CVS as there water will be much more reasonably priced than inside the hotel.

On the bright side, KTNV also reports that there could be some crackdowns happening with the annoying card snappers and street performers. All of these annoyance and there possible solutions are being discussed at a county commission meeting today as well as how to make the Strip safer.

Hmmm...we just had a vision of the Strip has a shiny, happy and gleaming esplanade with no traffic, no Elvis impersonators, no giant beer bongs and no nudie cards littering the sidewalks. Yeahhh...somehow that doesn't feel right either.

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Archived Comments:

Bottle watta one dolla

There is no reason for them to refill bottles.  When buying in bulk bottled water comes out to less than .10 each.  No one is going to waste their time collecting empty bottles, caps, and refilling them to the perfect level just to save .10.  They have a good gig going, making .90/each sale and already have to dodge the police.  They are not going to bring extra heat down on themselves for an extra .10.  Besides, it's pretty easy to feel if the water bottle is sealed or not when you twist it open.  Even if they attempt to glue it shut (again, not worth the time) it won't make the same noise as the original plastic seal.  I like seeing people take some initiative and provide a service to people, if you shut these guys down they will just go back to handing out escort cards or sitting there with a cardboard sign like all the other bums.

It's just more clutter

It's already difficult enough to navigate the strip. Especially when it's busy. Find a place for performers, vendors that is not on a sidewalk or bridge.Too much chaos.
Also, do watch out for those water bottles. Bought one last year and tucked it in my purse. Later I noticed that the bottle was not sealed and was not completely filled. Into the trash with that one!

Never had a problem

I am from Canada and i would know if i was sipping on Nevada tap water. I dont drink Nevada tap water and the water has always been good. My brother witnessed a cop pouring out a cooler and taking the water from someone. The cop then offered my brother free water and he denied. If the cop was offering the water to people i doubt its tap water. I agree with the first comment that it would be way too much trouble to save a couple of cents.

If the cop was giving away water

I he was giving water away that belonged to the street vendor then he was committing a crime. He was in effect stealing the guys water and giving it to other people. That in my opinion is more wrong than a guy trying to make a few dollars peddling the water in the first place. Did I mention I don't have much use for police officers, especially those who take it upon themselves to be above that which they claim to uphold.

AL from MO, I'm not sure you know...

how the law works. Go back to law school.

If the officer were going to press charges on the vendor, he would need to keep the water as evidence of the crime throughout the trial and punishment of the seller, until the case were completely closed and punishment had been served (through any violations).

If the officer were not going to press any charges, the water was still being sold illegally, in which case it can be assumed that it was obtained illegally. Even if not, product sold illegally can (and should) be lawfully seized by law enforcement, and when that is done, the person selling it (illegally) has no lawful right to it and will not receive that property back (as it was being used in an illegal operation).

So if the officer had taken the water and given it to the guy walking the strip, no, he was not "stealing," he was seizing the illegal goods as they were being used in an illegal operation, and had probably decided he was not going to press charges, and therefore decided the PD did not need to hold on to the evidence, and gave the water away rather than throw it in the trash. Perfectly legal.

Your theory was cute, though.

Never had an issue

Always seems like a good deal to me for a buck and never had an issue.  Actually most of the time they are much more polite and sometimes cuter ( I am talking to you PH, TI, Flamingo, every downtown casino, etc) than what I experience in the actual casino.

Let them be..

I was just discussing this with my family the other day saying what a great idea it is to sell the bottles of chilled water on the streets. Such a win/win situation. Keeps us all hydrated and give these people an extra few bucks. As for the mention about the street performers and people handing out the cars these sorts of people all add to the exciting vibe this is the vegas strip.. If your not a fan stay of the strip.

"there water"

fix your grammar first, then I'll believe you.