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The 5 Guys in Vegas To Hook Up With (But, Also to Avoid)

August 26, 2011 at 7:35 PM | by | ()

Admit it, you've thought about it. Hooking up with that bad boy at the club, the chef behind the counter, the musician behind the mic. In the past, something's always stopped you from turning that fantasy of an illicit Vegas tryst into a reality. But, VegasChatter's Club Kid BrandyAlxander doesn't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind.. as long as you're safe and don't expect him to put a ring on it.

This week, she tells us which Vegas guys to go ahead and hook up with and which are a definite pass. Fellas? This list works for you, too. Already been there, done that? Just remember the 10 Vegas girls to avoid before creating a list of your own.

Sin City without lust would be like a nightclub without a D-list reality star. Sure, itís still fun, but we like a little scandal, even if itís not in the best taste. And what kind of trip to Vegas is complete without a scandalous story of how you bed a stripper or showgirl or front desk agent?

You really donít have to worry about casual encounters with Vegas industry workers if you only visit once a year, but if you start becoming a repeat offender (or if you live in Vegas), youíll find that it may come with some disadvantages. But it can come with some perks, too.

Now, I donít suggest sleeping with someone so you can use them for your benefit, but if you lust, hereís a few things to think about:

The Promoter
Heís hot because: He approached you at the pool, or at the mall, or while walking through the casino, well dressed and smooth talking. He also hooked you and your friends up at a nightclub with free drinks. Youíve gone back home, but heís still sending you flirty, winky face texts.
Take into account: Heís doing this with nearly every girl in his database. He might really actually like you, but he might just want to make sure heís meeting his commission threshold.
The verdict: Proceed with caution, if youíre cool with keeping it casual and you can keep up with a big flirt.

The Waiter/Bellman/Valet/Lifeguard
Heís hot because: Like many of his female counterparts, his work environment has groomed him into the stuff teenage dreams are made of. Heís hunky, attentive and at your service.
Take into account: Thatís his job. But who knows, maybe in exchange for some sugar heíll get you free dessert or a guaranteed spot by the pool next time youíre in town.
The verdict: Pass. Make the eyes at him, slip him your number if youíre feeling randy, but it wonít be the first time someone squeezed his tush and whispered, ďCall me!Ē

The Marketer
Heís hot because: For every gaggle of 50 hot PR/marketing women, there might be one good looking, single, straight man. Heís a rarity, and that multiplies his hotness factor times 10. And he's always wearing the best suits.
Take into account: This guy is probably the most prestigious one of the bunch. Heís the one with the most credibility, connections and charisma. Remember those other 50 girls who have the hots for him? Good luck. If you do become a steady on each otherís rotation, congratulations! Youíre a potential plus one to some of Vegasí best restaurants, shows and nightclubs.
The verdict: Make your move. Even if you donít tickle his romantic fancy, itís business networking!

The Chef
Heís hot because: Food is the way to a womanís heart, too, dammit! Oh, and heís good with his hands.
Take into account: He is quite the ladies man as well. Especially if heís a management-level chef, similar to the marketer, the (PR) girls are all over him.
The verdict: Make your move! And even if the hot romance simmers down to a lukewarm friendship, the next time you visit his restaurant there just might be a surprise visit from your culinary casanova and surprise treats to boot!

The Musician
Heís hot because: All musicians are hot. Even if theyíre not traditionally hot. Even if they look like they smell, theyíre hot. Guitar, piano, saxophone Ė give a guy an instrument and suddenly youíll want to make sweet music with him.
Take into account: He is probably the most womanzing and douchebaggy of the bunch. And there is little benefit to bedding him besides being a lounge lizardís flavor of the week.
The verdict: Pass. Not worth the groupie reputation.

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