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Mobile Sports Gaming Continues To Expand

August 29, 2011 at 4:42 PM | by | ()

Over the past year, sports gaming in Las Vegas has exploded in it's own right. While sportsbooks have only made up 1% of casino income in the past, the recent expansion into statewide mobile gaming should allow for that number to increase, if only slightly.

A couple weeks ago, we were told to expect the Leroy's mobile app for iPhone in time for the beginning of football season (ahem, that's this week) and, last week, while placing a wager at Red Rock Casino, we learned that Station Casinos will follow Leroy's with an iPhone sports betting app of its own by the end of the year.

Strangely to us, we still won't be able to place wagers on our MacBook. If only our netbook from 1992 still worked. These mobile apps will allow sports betters the ability to legally wager on sports on pretty much all smartphones at any time they are within Nevada state lines - but, again, only with Station Casinos and Leroy's properties. We think there will be a lot more excitement about this technology when it hits some of the more popular strip casinos via Cantor Gaming.

Curiously, Cantor has been sitting back watching Station and Leroy's expand into the mobile space while they focus on brick-and-mortar operations (a.k.a. sportsbooks). We're not sure what effect this kind of mobile gaming will have financially in Las Vegas, or across the nation, but we love being able to make a legal wager on a whim wherever we are in the state. Additionally, we're curious to see how all of the mobile gaming apps effect Cantor Gaming's efforts into the market. As the largest name (Cantor Fitzgerald) in the sports betting business, we don't expect them to sit back and just watch the competition expand.


Archived Comments:

...They're hoping on this one

It has it's pros, but has it's cons as well.

The article above says that you will be able to place a wager from ANYWHERE in the state from your device. From what I know, taken from the minutes of the senate committee on judiciary 76th session May 20 2011, you will be confined to the property of the Casino from which you signed up your electronic device. See Below....

Senate Committee on Judiciary
May 20, 2011
Page 5
That is correct.
What safeguards exist to keep the mobile devices within nonrestrictive
compliance? I want to ensure the device does not expand beyond the hotel
We already allow devices in other areas of the property footprint. We are
expanding this area to include hotel rooms with substantial safeguards for entry
into the mobile system. At any point, the system can request identification to
ensure that the person who is entered into the mobile device is the same person
who has been registered on that particular mobile gaming device. In testimony,
we heard that technological security is in place to ensure that if the device
leaves the property, it will not work. The State Gaming Control Board did not
raise any red flags. I was concerned about access by juveniles, but there are
many security measures being utilized to protect against this.
That was my concern also; we neither want anyone under age accessing the
mobile device nor having access extend to sidewalks or shopping malls.
Though there can be offsite security monitoring of the mobile gaming device,
the device will not work if a person leaves the footprint of the property. In other
words, if I have a device for one property and walk across the street to another
property, the mobile gaming device I am assigned to use at the original property
will not work anywhere outside the footprint of that property.
I want to clarify my understanding of what this bill does. Subject to regulations,
the State Gaming Control Board permits a mobile gaming device within the
building envelope; it could be a nightclub, restaurant or hotel room. I am in
support of that concept but share Senator Kihuen's concerns that it does not go
outside of the building envelope within the hotel.
Senate Committee on Judiciary
May 20, 2011
Page 6
As long as they are on hotel property, customers using mobile devices can go to
the pool and surrounding hotel property.
LEE M. AMAITIS (President and CEO, Cantor Gaming):
Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 463.0176 states:
"Mobile gaming" means the conduct of gambling games through
communication devices operated solely in public areas of an
establishment which holds a nonrestricted gaming license and
which operates at least 100 slot machines and at least one other
game by the use of communications technology ... .
The law states that gaming devices cannot be used off the premises. It further
states that the Nevada Gaming Commission may not adopt regulations pursuant
to NRS 463.730 until the Commission first determines that:
Mobile gaming systems are secure and reliable, and provide
reasonable assurance that players will be of lawful age and
communicating only from the areas of licensed gaming
establishments that have been approved by the Commission for
that purpose ... .