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Rod Stewart Sexes Up Caesars Palace

Where: 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard S. [map], 89109
September 1, 2011 at 2:51 PM | by | ()

The Rod. The Rod. The Rod is on fire.

Rod Stewart kicked off a two year residency at the Colosseum last week. We skipped the opening night festivities and attended Saturday (and again last night) in the hopes any early bugs would be worked out and with further hope the 66 year old singer wouldn't be tuckered out by then. As if to concretely eliminate any doubts we had of his stamina, early into the show the Rod unveiled pictures of his six month old baby son for the audience. Well played, Rod.

The show kicked off seven minutes after the scheduled curtain call with a minimalist, clean, white stage but not one lacking any wow factor. In fact, our initial reaction was that if a 1960s-era Beatles had today's technology and added sexy backup musicians, this is what their stage would look like. We don't know how we connect the dots, they just appear.

Much like another British member of VegasChatter, we weren't self-proclaimed fans of Mr. Stewart before this first encounter either. Unlike the MGM performance she described, this show focuses on the music and for better or worse cut the cheese. We kept thinking if you took the Vegas out of Barry Manilow, we'd love to eavesdrop on a dinner conversation between those two at the Peppermill.

Speaking of Barry, the following set reminded us of an Ed Hardy-inspired Manilow memory:

But enough of the comparisons, how was the show you ask? Fans of the Rod clearly loved it. A large number sung every note of every song to the annoyance of their non-lyrical neighbors, many danced in the aisles and near the stage to the annoyance of those seated behind them, while others wore Carling gear that made a fun Where's Waldo game for the uninitiated:

Stewart virgins like ourselves really enjoyed it. The musicians and backup singers might just have been the tightest we've seen in Vegas. When Stewart snuck offstage for wardrobe changes we found ourselves engrossed in every note the band played, although it didn't hurt to have the Kournikova twins on the sax and trumpet:

We'd heard early reports the stage was too big for the singer and curtains blocked portions of the tribute to the troops. But he commanded both the stage and audience so strongly we never once thought he'd have been best off borrowing Bette Midler's wheeled lip-couch that previously moved her about the stage. In fact the Rod was barely winded after kicking autographed footballs into the audience.

The curtain issue was apparently fixed and the only glitch we spotted was a short-lived technical one in the HD display. Short-lived because technicians brought a ladder out mid-song to fix it. A little do ya think I'm sexy with a toolbelt. Stewart's vocals could've been a little louder overall but that could've been a factor of sitting in the second mezzanine the gent behind us singing in our ear.

If you'd like to catch the Rod and his blue balls on stage, tickets range from $49-$250 and can be purchased online.

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Make mine a Special Brew....


The 'Where's Waldo' outfit is actually a Celtic FC shirt - until a few years go Carling sponsored the team.

Rod supports Celtic and makes a big thing about Scotland - not sure why, since he was born and lived in North London? :o)