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Signed, Still Confused About Gordon Ramsay in Vegas

August 9, 2011 at 8:09 PM | by | ()

Really? Is the term "Fat Cow" necessary? Oh, it's the name of a BBQ chain you're thinking about launching? Our bad.

After many a sleepless night wondering just what was going on with Gordon Ramsay we finally know. Kinda. The New York Post is reporting that the chef known for giving 'em hell in the kitchen isn't just working on one Vegas resto, but three. Wait, make that a "minimum of three." The paper quotes an unnamed source -- ok, several unnamed sources -- regarding specifics:

..."The project will be fully managed and run internally by Caesars. Ramsay will have creative involvement but not creative control, and make regular celebrity appearances." The first restaurant will open by early next year.

So, Ramsay's name to lure them in, but no Ramsay in the kitchen? Zoinks, how is that ever going to work? Oh, wait. It happens all the time in Vegas.

Daily Fiasco points out that some of the article doesn't quite make sense so looks like we'll still need someone to scribble the final answer on just what's going on. While we wait, a word of advice to Ramsay -- you might want to seal the contract quick, before this dries up, too.

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