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This Vegas Virgin's Friend Went Missing

August 10, 2011 at 1:34 PM | by | ()

We told you about our first time...visiting Vegas, that is. And, some of you have told us about yours. Now it's time for another VegasChatter member, DenverGambler, to tell you about busting his Vegas cherry.

This Vegas Virgin story is going to sort of break the rules. I’m going to tell you about my second trip to Las Vegas. Why? Because my first time in Vegas I was 20. Not old enough to gamble, to drink, or to do much of anything. We took a road trip from Denver to Las Vegas to see a concert. While there I fell in love with the town and I knew I would have to be back when I was 21. Fast forward one year and I was four months into my 21st year. Why did it take that long? When you’re the first friend to turn 21, you have to wait for others to turn 21 before you can do Vegas. Once we had a group of three, off we went.

We were actually there for the third guy’s 21st birthday. We landed in Las Vegas at midnight on a Friday night. The geniuses in us thought it would be a great idea to skip on the hotel the first night since we were getting in so late. The night was fun, but by 10 a.m. we needed sleep. We begged the lady at Barbary Coast (you know it as Bill's today) to let us check in and she finally relented. After a nap we got to gambling. This night wasn’t anything exciting as we were all still so tired, but our last two nights would be anything, but boring.

Day three involved sleeping in, eating, and gambling, but nothing really of note. That night, however, we realized O’Sheas featured beer pong in the back. Being the fine college kids we were, this sounded like a great plan. The problem was that no one else playing against us was also in college. We couldn’t lose. When you play a game where the new players buy the beer, you play till you lose. It took three hours (and until midnight) to lose. By then everyone was feeling really good, so we headed out on The Strip.

It was at this moment we realized one guy, we’ll call him Sam, was missing. Myself and my buddy (we’ll call him Matt) tried calling his cell phone, but got no answer. Assuming he went back to Barbary Coast, we went back there to try to find him. A couple more phone calls and a room search later, we still had no sign on Sam. It was at this time I laid down and promptly fell asleep. Matt decided that since I was asleep and Sam was missing, that he’d go play some craps. Fast forward four hours and Matt is back in the room asking me where Sam is. I say I still don’t know and we try calling him again to no avail. We decide there’s nothing we can do that night, but go to sleep.

At 6:00 a.m., the door slams open and in walks Sam. I resist every urge to inquire to his whereabouts and go back to sleep. Once we all wake up, I ask him what happened. He says all he remembers in playing beer pong and then at 5:30 a.m. wandering around the Bally’s parking garage. We come to find out his phone is demolished, he’s covered in scratches, his glasses are gone, and he’s $20 poorer. To this day, we don’t know what happened to him. We spent the day getting him new glasses and swearing we won’t be as crazy on our last night in town. But, that didn’t happen.

Why? Because we went right back to beer pong. It starts out the same, not being able to lose. Once we finally did, Sam lets us know that he’s done and going back to the room. We let him go and sit down at a blackjack table. After many, many hands I turn around and notice that it’s daylight out. I look at Matt and make him see for himself. Since we have to be at the airport at 11 and it is currently 8:00 a.m., we see no reason to go to bed. As we walk towards breakfast, I suddenly realize that Matt isn’t there. I turn around to see him stopped in the sidewalk, standing up, asleep. I realized that we had to at least get a couple hours of sleep before our flight, so we went back to the hotel.

Overall, I think we got 12 hours of sleep over four nights. It was a pretty crazy Vegas trip and probably my most notable. To this day, we don’t know what happened to Sam, why his phone broke, or where the $20 went. But, the story lives on and I often think that its more fun to speculate on what might have happened, then to actually know.

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