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Vegas Survivor In The South Pacific

September 14, 2011 at 12:58 PM | by | ()

Tonight the sun sets on the Big Brother compound forever. Or at least until next season when Chen-bot turns the cameras back on. In tonight's finale amongst the final three, Rachel, the red headed contestant with Vegas ties, still has a shot to win. But before the world will find out if anyone gets between half a million and her man - sorry, fiance fiance fiance, another Las Vegas contestant will make her prime time debut.

The 23rd season of Survivor starts tonight from the South Pacific and 27 year old Elyse Umemoto of Vegas throws her hat into the ring for a shot at a million bucks. She's identified as a dance team manager for an undisclosed show, club, school, or party pit. Wherever she works, we expect her to be able work a bikini to her benefit.

Prior to managing the two-step on stage she was second runner-up to Miss America (otherwise known as third place) in 2008 as Miss Washington. In what would normally be a footnote to her bio, her reign of terror didn't end there. She turned up online and in TMZ for scandalous photos the beauty queen org wasn't too fond of.

Pictures of her giving the peace sign to her tongue, doing shots, posing in underwear that looks more like pajamas, drinking beer in bed, and our fav: predicting a #1 finish on survivor.

What a disappointment for Miss America don't you think? Disappointing that more lovely ladies don't play beer pong in their crowns to get more people to watch adults over Toddlers in Tiaras.

To dive deep into Elyse and uncover how she likes to bake cupcakes and hate on fugly shoes, check out her Survivor bio online. Then tune into CBS at 8pm tonight to see how far she gets before the tribe dances her ass to the curb.

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Archived Comments:

I heart party girls, but...

...this one's a real piece of work.  She should at least show some maturity and behave herself when she's out representin' in her pageant costume.

Oh well, she'll soon be the most famous person in Vegas.