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Finally, Bachelorette Girls Gone Wild, Direct To Your Room

September 15, 2011 at 1:59 PM | by | ()

Ahhh... a bachelorette on a pole. Just warms the heart, right?

In bejeweled tees, bright boas and clutching oversized souvenir drinks, it's almost impossible to come to Vegas without seeing at least one bachelorette party gone wild.

Now, grooms to be will find out what really goes on when their intended hits The Strip with her gals (and brides will get loads of scandalous ideas) when the Oxygen channel debuts Bachelorette Party: Las Vegas next month. And, don't be surprised to see a lot of naughtiness going down at the Palms when you tune in:

Each week on “Bachelorette Party: Las Vegas,” viewers will be introduced to a new bride-to-be, her bridesmaids and closest friends as a VIP event planning team pulls out all the stops for an extravagant celebration.

The exclusive event design team is led by Palms Casino Resort executive Jon Gray and features VIP hosts Elliot Wronski and Jason (“JROC”) Craig.

They go to all lengths to make the future brides' wishes come true...proving that bachelorette parties are really the new bachelor parties. From demanding brides who threaten to eliminate members of their bridal party to a Barbie fanatic for whom no Barbie detail is ever too much, the VIP team tries to cater to every last whim these women have, making for must-watch television.

We know what you're thinking... when does it air? October 17 how can you get on. We're not sure, but it probably can't hurt to dial up the Palms, gush about how much you love the Barbie Suite and plead for help in making your bachelorette party one for the record books TV Guide.

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