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UPDATED: Will Absinthe Be Back In A Month?

September 19, 2011 at 6:25 PM | by | ()

Update: We were right. The Las Vegas Sun reported on September 21 that Absinthe will return on October 21.

What we feared would happen has come to pass. Absinthe is absenthe from Caesars Palace after packing them in one last time, last night.

But, we didn't even have a chance to get all weepy before Peepshow's Absinthe's Peepshow's Angel Porrino gave us reason to believe that the show may be over, but not at its end just yet:

So..2night is the last night of absinthe 4 this run! Get ur tix NOW or u will have 2 wait a month 2 bless ur retinas w/ the magic that IS... #ABSINTHE

Absinthe back in a month? Could it be? We're leaning towards... yep. Especially since the tweet has disappeared from Angel's Twitter stream, but can be still be found on TwitLonger. At least for now.

(Photo: VegasNews.com, Erik Kabik/RETNA)

Archived Comments:

I've seen...

tweets from Gazillionaire and one of the Esteemed Gentlemen of the High Wire that say similar things. And the official Absinthe feed says to keep following, so there should be good news in the pipe while the cast takes a well-deserved vacation.


Absinthe has got to be the most unique thing to hit The Strip in years.  It's the show I recommend first to family and friends visiting Las Vegas.