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Man, I Feel Like a Woman (at the Bettie Page Shop)

September 23, 2011 at 3:47 PM | by | ()

Sometimes, in Vegas, what you've got in your luggage just won't do for the night you've got planned. JetSetCD of our sister site, Jaunted, recently found herself in Vegas looking to get dressed to the nines, but not wanting to look like the rest of the crowd. Luckily, she found a bit of old school glamour inside Planet Hollywood.

I've got a Joan Holloway body, there's no doubting it. Typically this is hidden under layers of New York-appropriate black, but summer temperatures and sun in Vegas call for desperate measures to dress up and still maintain my dignity. I refuse to shop at bebe or—horror of horrors—any shop with a cutesy name and rack after rack of shapeless, sparkly polyester "club outfits." Enter the Bettie Page shop.

It was a chance encounter; I spotted it while walking through the The Shops at Miracle Mile and the playsuits and pencil skirts in the window were calling my name…or rather, my style. With twenty minutes of free time to shop, I managed to tear apart that place, bringing like ten outfits to the dressing rooms and walking away with one exceedingly perfect, bombshell dress a little something like the one pictured above. And of course, I also left with a desire to return each visit to Vegas.

To the naked eye, the Bettie Page shops look a little costumey, and indeed there are some items better suited to a pin-up girl-themed Halloween outfit (ah hem, see below). On the other hand, it's one of the only stores in Vegas to celebrate a natural woman's body. I've got boobs! And hips! And a defined waist! And the Bettie Page dresses fit and flare in all the right places (maybe with the exception of my hemline, which need a little tailoring in for a better pencil skirt silhouette).

The items are not cheap; this is no retro H&M or anything. A shopper can easily drop several hundred dollars, but there are sale racks all along one wall.

One last word: the Bettie Page shop comes complete with shopgirls dressed as if they also just stepped from the pages of a 1950s "We Love Our Troops" pin-up calendar. If anything, they're walking examples of how to wear these looks without appearing like you're trying too hard (or too little). Lovely in all, so long as you stay away from the suspender circle skirts.

[Photos of the current Bettie Page catalog: VegasChatter]

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This is great for last minute dress ups...

This is great for last minute dress ups living it up on the Strip to a club or swanky dinner. Or just a last minute idea for a fantasy night in the hotel room. I'd definitely take my lady there!


I've never been inside, but am now tempted to make a special trip to PH just to check it out.