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The Doctor Is Not In At McCarran

September 28, 2011 at 5:19 PM | by | Comment (1)

If you're feeling a bit sick at McCarran International Airport and it's not because of TSA you hate leaving Vegas, you'll have to head to the gift shop or the bar for relief, because the Airport MD isn't in, anymore.

McCarran announced on its Facebook page yesterday that its full-service, on-site health clinic is closed "temporarily for transfer of ownership." It's probably not a good time to also learn that we could have gotten all the blood pressure checks we wanted for just $25 bucks a year. (Sorry... have to stay in Vegas... blood pressure's a bit too high to travel.) And, that we could have gotten discounted vaccines and flu shots, too, 'cause there's nothing like being seated on an airplane next to someone coughing up their innards to make you freak out. Well, almost nothing, anyway.

No word on when the doctor will be in again.

(Photo: Ray Cunningham on Flickr)

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It'll be missed

IF I'd known it was there in the first place...man I bet those walls can talk after all the Sunday morning travelers trying to get out after an all night binge...

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