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The Question About Video Poker We Get Asked All The Time

September 29, 2011 at 4:35 PM | by | ()

Gamblers are mostly a superstitious bunch. Some will only play craps with certain types of people, some will stay play roulette because they can bet on their lucky or favorite number, and so it goes on.

When we get a bonus playing Wheel of Fortune slot machines, we'll count to 7 or 11 in synch with the beeps in hopes of a better spin. Since the game is random it really doesn't matter, but that's how we do it.

Video poker is supposed to be a game of skill and not a game for superstitions. We're supposed to play the hands properly and expect the best results. With that being said we've often been asked a question that goes around the skill of video poker:

"Does the video poker machine continue shuffling after you hold your cards and before you hit draw?"

The answer is yes. After you hold your cards, the remaining cards continue shuffling and your result continues to be truly random. So it does matter when you hit the draw button. The hand you’re dealt changes every nano second you wait - kind of like playing a slot machine. Instead of randomly stopping on a specific place on a slot reach each card slot is still randomly shuffling a 52 card deck minus the cards in play.

As we said earlier, we are the slightly superstitious type so sometimes when dealt 4 cards to a royal flush we may ask a friend to hit draw, move a certain way, look a certain direction or do a countdown like with the Wheel of Fortune slots. Because the odds are so long, we usually don't get the card we want, but we try.

Do you do anything special when you're just sitting on that one card slot to be filled?

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