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Can You Guess The Hotel Suite With a Sex Swing?

September 30, 2011 at 6:52 PM | by | ()

Finding sexy items in your hotel rooms is par for the course here in Sin City. Of course, it's always better to find these sexy things by design instead of by happenstance. (Example: whatever is left in the rooms after Rehab ends at The Hard Rock.) Which is fortunately how one of our friends encountered this slick sex swing in her hotel suite two weeks ago.

You see, Foxy (not her real name) and a group of her besties were in town for a bachelorette party and without performing any tricks of any kind, the girls were upgraded to a killer suite upon check-in. We'll have more on how that happened on Monday but for now, we thought we'd have you guys test your Vegas knowledge by dropping in your guesses for the hotel that has sex swings in their suites.

And normally, we'd give you a bunch of hints to work with but the harder, the better. (#That'swhatshesaid!)

Think you know where to find this sex swing? Tell us in comments below!

Archived Comments:

Ehhh... not so fast

Though I would not be surprised to find a sex swing in a Las Vegas hotel - that's not one of them.

Just because it's a suspended chair does not make it a sex swing.  For one thing, note the closed bottom on the chair.  If you've seen (or used) a real sex swing they have access from the bottom and are configured to be raised and lowered (for reasons we don't need to get into).

I thought...

sex swings were suspended over a bed.
And another thing...eewwwww.

Couldn't any chair or swing work?

UTE you are correct. This is not a proper sex swing sold like the ones sold on Amazon.com (SERIOUSLY NSFW!) but we thought that any chair or swing could feasibly work to have sex? And since this is Vegas in a baller suite, we bet this is what most people are going to attempt to try to do in this chair/swing.

sex swing

i think this counts as a sex swing every bit as much as the cosmo's baths count as fcuktubs (can i say that?)

i have no idea where this is though

the answer is in front of you

reread your comment.

ps. fcuktubs

not to be confused with fcuktoiletries. which are real.


i remember when that was the be all and end all of what we had to wear in sixth form. we wos cool back then.

and i hope you're not saying that's at the cosmo, because that is one fugly sofa (and curtains for that matter)


fcuk was never cool. at least not the FCUK slogan. but i do like French Connection clothes whenever I feel like stepping out of my Forever21 prison.


A white linen sex swing?? This writer clearly has never had her ankles up in the air in a swing,,,,this is not one


Have no idea, but the couch is straight out of the imperial palace or the Rivera.