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Our Favorite Place to Watch Football, Outside of a Sportsbook

September 8, 2011 at 1:20 PM | by | ()

We love going to the sportsbook to watch the games, but specifically we find it best to watch regular season baseball and basketball there. Those games don't have much emotion because the seasons are so long so we can just hang out and relax. However, when it comes to football things tend to get a little rowdy because the crowds are bigger and there's much more betting. The games have a little to do with that, but the action is raised to a fever pitch with every game - especially when the more popular teams are playing like the Green Bay Packers. Oftentimes, we'll shun the sportsbook for NFL Sunday, though, and head over to a bar and watch the games while enjoying food and drinks.

In the past, we would usually have one or two trips to Vegas during football season and we always made it a point to spend our Sundays at one of our favorite sports bar on The Strip, Blondies at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.

Blondies has everything we could want in a sports bar. TV's everywhere, ample seating, fun crowd, waitresses in cheerleader outfits and cheap prices for food and drink. There was even a time that they had a breakfast buffet, which was brilliant. Nothing cures a hangover better than a pile of bacon and a bucket of beer.

We'll always love hanging out and watching the games at the sportsbook, but when we're with a group of people and want to eat, drink and be merry we'll head over to Blondies.

As we head into football season what are your favorite non-sportsbook place to watch football?

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