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Hyde Bellagio: A Lounge With a View

Where: 3600 Las Vegas Boulevard S. [map], 89109
January 2, 2012 at 1:38 PM | by | ()

The Bellagio really got into the out with the old, in with the new concept this year, opening Hyde Bellagio on New Year's Eve in the shuttered Fontana Bar location. Wilmer and a Jonas brother were in attendance as were SBE The Hills stars. Hyde owner and SBE head honcho Sam Nazarian, yes that Sam, even made an appearance trying to nuzzle up to Sophia Vergara.

With the name-dropping out of the way, let's get into what Hyde Bellagio itself brings to the table. We got a sneak peak prior to the opening last week with construction crews still hammering away.

First Impression

Hated it. Hang with us because, luckily, Hyde had additional chances to make a good first impression. But, our first thoughts were of disappointment. Approaching from the casino floor, not just gone but completely erased was the open inviting atmosphere of the Fontana. In its place, was a large unassuming wall with the letters H-Y-D-E that felt more like Pure, hinting at an oversized super club on the other side rather than a 720-person lounge. Through the entrance, a long hallway tunnels guests inside a space designed as a lost villa within the Bellagio.

To the right is the main bar decorated with leather couches, funky lamps, mirrors, Stephen King books among others, artwork and knicknacks to give off the feeling of living quarters. The center of the room (sorry, our cameras weren't allowed there) houses a small dance floor and state-of-the-art DJ booth. To the left is patio seating and a bar with prime views of the Bellagio fountains. We liked the funk and feel of the overall room aside from the plastic Phantom chair that we're guessing will die a quick death one way or another. But, we didn't really buy into the villa theme and backstory while imagining the room filled with over 700 people.

The Clubs

An artsy divider splits the room by day to define Hyde's "emerging market" day club concept before transforming into a nightclub by rising into the ceiling and opening the upper part of the room and main bar. The day club operates daily 5-10 p.m. while the nightclub is initially open three times a week, Tuesday, Fridays, and Saturdays. SBE will be drawing the latest, newest talent to fill the DJ booth, advertised as hot and fresh, but mostly a chance at showcasing the next deadmau5 before he's deadmau5.

Billie Jean through the looking glass.

Fresh and hot or not, what sold us on the Hyde were those million dollar views of the Bellagio fountains. The patio opens right onto the iconic attraction putting you so close we could breathe in the water's mist. For those allergic to water, there is seating that provides relief behind glass without impairing the view. The fountains' soundtrack can be piped through Hyde's sound system putting guests even further at the center of the show. If, like one of our inquisitive readers, you wonder if the new open lounge will distract from the outside street view, we took a gander outside and don't see it being an issue. Take a look for yourself:

Food and Drinks

Hyde's day clubbers will be able to munch on a selection of small plates. Will one VegasChatter member's excitement be tempered, however once he learns those small plates aren't Hyde-crafted but imported from Circo's kitchen? Dishes include potato crisps with truffle fonduta dip ($9), artisanal cheeses and salumi with local honey and grilled bread ($16), kumamoto oysters with caviar ($20), and flatbread with smoked Scottish salmon, caviar, and chive cream ($18).

A Bellini cart will roam the floors offering both Harry's classic cocktail and seasonal variations. A liquid nitrogen cart will also brew cocktail potions with a bit of a show. Hyde's cocktails focus on low sugar content in order to feel light and healthy. We were able to sample some of the signature cocktails to see if they were just what the doctor ordered.

· Liquid Nitrogen Cable Car ($20): A cold, refreshing cocktail that wasn't hard to picture cooling off a hot Vegas summer
· The Love Unit ($18): Stoli Elit vodka, vanilla vodka, thai basil, freshly pressed lime, grapefruit, red bell pepper juice, and topped with a red bell pepper. Not at all heavy, a bit like drinking a salad but without worrying about getting leafy teeth. A surprisingly tasty cocktail although not one we'd be likely to throw down several times over the course of the night.
· Celery Superstar ($18): Serrano chili, Grey Goose, freshly pressed lime, and celery juices. This one starts off smooth and then has a solid kick from the chili without overpowering the taste buds. A fine drink to slowly enjoy, for sure, and one we will order again.


Our first impressions were quickly forgotten after spending just a little time inside Hyde Bellagio. With the famous fountains as its backdrop, the decent-sized lounge manages to keep an intimate feel and is easily destined to become a Vegas hotspot both by day and by night. We certainly envisioned enjoying the day club's cable cars, oysters, and killer views. We just hope that we can afford all the comforts of the room. Tables in the day club will come with a $50 minimum per person, easily attainable after a couple drinks and tastes. But, nightclub tables demand a $500 min. per dude, a move aimed at replacing sexy shadows with loads of real lady parts.

Check out our full gallery and let us know: is Hyde Bellagio now the spot to spy the fountains? Or will the Bellagio's neighbors still have the best rooms with a view?

Archived Comments:


I was wondering how the outdoor patio would shielded. I would still suggest that ladies go with anti-frizz hair products before stepping out(side) at Hyde. ;)

I like it

Even though I strongly prefer the old Fontana entrance, I thing that Hyde is a good addition to the Bellagio. I mean, they could have made it a lot worse. At least Nazarian intended to made the lounge mach Bellagio's Italian theme so thats good.

I'm very pleased with what they've done with the outside patio expansion. It actually matches with the rest of the 'Italian village' look. ANd thank god they didn't make it look all modernized like what they did to the Treasure Island 'pirate village'. I'm also happy to see that the staircase leading to the lake was not totally removed.

Although the douchebags seem to be dominating all the classy hotels, I don't think it will change the vibe of the Bellagio's casino floor. Wynncore on the other hand..... thats a whole other story (8=CLIMAXX!!=D~~)...lol

Bellagio: Back on Top again as the crown jewl of the Strip.

I love it

Everything I here (see) about this place makes me think it's gonna be awesome, especially for mid-afternoon drinks and snacks before the club people take over. This does nothing to damper my expectation.

Will have to make a pitstop here one day soon.

Wait for me!

I want to go here! It looks beautiful and I am dying to try the celery drink. But this old lady will probably hit the dayclub's bellinis instead. Unless Mr. P is paying for a table?


@romaman You can actually lean out and check out the staircase which was pretty cool.  I'd pay table money just to be able to stand out there.  Ok, maybe sit on a step.

@Juliana: I went ahead and reserved out Hyde for next year's VC holiday party.  The bulk discount was too good to pass up.

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