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Lucky Dragon Casino Project Still Alive, Moves Forward

January 10, 2012 at 10:56 PM | by | ()

Well, well. Maybe this really is the Year of the Dragon after all in Vegas.

After first popping up on our radar last week thanks to VegasChatter member UTE, the Lucky Dragon casino project -- envisioned for the area of Sahara and Las Vegas Boulevard (not at the Sahara) next to the Allure condos -- has slain its first foe, a proposed recommendation of denial by the Las Vegas Planning Commission.

Instead, after proving that it's trying to be good neighbors with Allure residents (a HOA spokesman says owners are in general support of the project) and are mindful of their traffic concerns (traffic studies will now be launched), commissioners almost unanimously agreed to send the project onto the Las Vegas City Council for review. (One abstained due to a possible conflict.)

The Lucky Dragon would be a 10-story, 202-room casino-hotel. During tonight's meeting, it was revealed that the project would have a "handful" of restaurants and no entertainment.

The Las Vegas City Council is set to discuss the project on February 15th.

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With the advent of of almost every state allowing casinos now, this is the reason people are staying away from Vegas. "No entertainment, and a handfull of restaurants" in a brand new Vegas casino is RIDICULOUS!!!! Aria opened...BORING....Cosmopolitan....BORING!!!!! All within a 15min distance of my front door I have 4 perfectly fine casinos to go to. Caesars Windsor, MGM Grand Detroit, Motorcity Casino, and Greektown Casino. Add 4 more Casinos opening in Ohio soon. Why would I spend money on a plane ticket to go to Vegas anymore? Vegas better come up with something a little more than what it has over the last few years because more and more people are staying home, with casinos in our own backyard!!!


I am all for plugging up the many holes and empty spots on LV Blvd.
And there is an opportunity here for a better-than-average oriental buffet!