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Caesars Entertainment Is Rewarding Us For Being Social Again

January 13, 2012 at 12:39 PM | by | ()

In November we told you that Caesars Entertainment properties in Vegas would stop offering Total Rewards points by checking in on Foursquare via Top Guest. Back then, we wondered why Caesars would stop rewarding mentions in social media and what they might do moving forward, since they've been so aggressive marketing Vegas in the past couple years:

The Las Vegas hotels don't tend to be much of an original bunch when it comes to marketing so if Caesars looks to partner with an outside company, we have to expect that they will have Social Rewards join their marketing team. Social Rewards has been working with Palms, Palazzo, Venetian and, most notably, Luxor who seem to be the most aggressive with the program.

Well, our guestimate was correct. Beginning today, Caesars will reward you socially via the company so aptly named, Social Rewards. We're not exactly sure how the points will work, but you should be able to earn more points, more easily for your Total Rewards account (not tier credits towards your card status) by mentioning Caesars properties on Facebook, Twitter and, of course, checking in on Foursquare.

This will start with Caesars properties in Vegas, but will soon be available for Caesars Entertainment properties nationwide. We sign up for just about anything that will give us free stuff for something we're already doing. We're already signed up for Social Rewards for the other Vegas casinos and will be making sure our account is updated for our Caesars check-ins now, too. If we can get a free lunch at Earl of Sandwich for no extra effort, we'll take it!

Head to Social Rewards to register.

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