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Things to Consider Before Placing That Sports Bet

January 18, 2012 at 3:58 PM | by | ()

The Big Game is happening is less than three weeks and you know what that means--sports junkies will go crazy placing bets. But what if you've never placed a sports bet? If you're starting to feel left out of the frenzy, don't worry. Over the next few days, we're giving you Sports Gambling noobz a quick how-to on placing bets from our newest contributor, Seth Gruen. Today, he's talking about doing a little research before your first bet.

If you know your sports and sports teams well, thatís a pretty good start to being an educated sports gambler. Most vital, though, is taking that knowledge and using it to determine how the lines and odds are moving in the days and hours leading up to an event.

Now, you don't have to go crazy trying to track down a copy of Gray's Sports Almanac before you place a bet but rather, keep these three factors in mind:

1. Injuries: Injuries will have the most obvious effects on bet outcomes and lines. Players play the games. If a specific player wonít play in the game or will be limited due to injury, that will most obviously affect the outcome of a bet.

How much? Well, thatís up to you. In determining that answer, itís most important to examine an injured playerís importance when healthy. In football, a star quarterback (cough, Peyton Manning, cough) has more of an impact than a star lineman, for example. But often there arenít any detrimental injuries so they canít always be relied upon as an indicator.

2. Compare Stats: Since you can't always count on an injury to help your bet, that's when you need to compare stats. Are two great defenses facing each other? Which team has more star power? Whatís a teamís record at home? Whatís anotherís record when they are playing away? All different kinds of stats are directly related to player and team performance.

3. The Weather (Seriously.): You have to consider the weather when betting on events in outdoor venues. Certain teams that play in warm weather cities or indoor venues are often affected by inclement weather. (Maybe Tebow should have worn long-sleeves?)

The bet most affected by weather is the over/under. Teams score fewer points in inclement weather. So, pay attention to the weather forecast of the games you betóespecially if youíre betting the over/under.

Got any questions about sports betting? Let us know. Or think you know something we don't know? Tell us in comments below!

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The Real Secret

The real key is to have absolutely no idea why you are betting a certain way.  That's the reason the woman in your office who has never seen a basketball game wins the March Madness pool. My biggest win during the super bowl last year is when I bet on orange Gatorade being dumped on the coach.  Pick the team with the best looking cheerleaders or ask your daughter who has cuter uniforms.