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Legionnaire's Disease Claims Life Of Luxor Guest

Where: 3900 Las Vegas Blvd South [map], 89109
January 30, 2012 at 2:46 PM | by | ()

Legionnaire's has turned up in a Vegas hotel. Again. And, this time with incredibly tragic results.

KTNV in Las Vegas is reporting that three guests of Luxor were diagnosed with the pnuemonia-like illness. Two were back in the spring of last year and those victims recovered. But, one was reported this month and that victim did not survive.

MGM Resorts released this statement to the media:

Although the identities of this guest remains confidential, we are saddened at the news of the death of a former customer.

Our company has played an industry-leading role in developing systems and protocols to prevent and protect guests from such issues.

Within hours of receiving this alert from the Health District, Luxor began immediate remediation procedures. Luxor has had a comprehensive water management program since 2008. Treatment involves superheating super-chlorination of the water system.

We are confident in the integrity of our systems and the safety protocols we follow at all our hotels. Guest and employee safety is always a top priority at our Company.

Even before last summer, MGM Resorts led the industry with aggressive and stringent programs to control Legionella issues common to all large buildings.

We developed water management programs and implemented resort testing protocols to regularly monitor for Legionella. We treat our water systems preventatively, before bacteria are detected. We’ve worked to change regulations so we can implement more aggressive measures.

Last July, six guests of ARIA contracted the illness.

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Luxor is going to have to pay up.


My mother-in-law stayed at the MGM in 2009 Sept-oct on business. When she came home she was sick for weeks not getting better. She tested positive for Legionnaires' disease soon after. The illness lasted around 40 days in total. She has medical records to prove the positive test result as well as the company maitains all travel records putting her there during that time frame. Would this be worth looking into? Thank You


Did you file a complaint with MGM and with your local health officials? Please feel free to reach out to us via tips@vegaschatter.com.


I'm very fortunate to know about this thing, thanks for providing this content.