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Hops To It: Where To Find Craft Brews In Vegas

February 1, 2012 at 2:19 PM | by | ()

Vegas is a booze kind of town. Wherever you go, whatever time of day, there is a good chance that some sort of alcohol is flowing. Being the good Denver native that this writer in particular happens to be, we love a good beer. In Vegas, though, our expectations are usually quite tempered as most places only serve the standard options. But, while you may only be able to get (at the high end) a Corona or Newcastle while gambling, these is an ever-growing list of places to find craft beer in Las Vegas.

The Pub at Monte Carlo - The Pub at Monte Carlo is featured inside the walkway of shops that takes you from Monte Carlo to Aria. With a beer menu that is not short on options (they boast of having more than 300), you certainly should be able to find a beer for any palette here.

Triple 7 Restaurant and Brewery - The Triple 7 Restaurant and Brewery at Main Street Station is a brew pub in every sense of the word. At any time, they offer six different beers that are brewed in-house. These beers change seasonally and it is probably some of the freshest beer you’ll find. Combine that with decent appetizer and sushi menus and you’ve got a great place to swing by.

Todd English P.U.B.  - Todd English P.U.B. is located right between Aria and Crystals. While it doesn’t have quite the beer selection as The Pub at Monte Carlo, it still has plenty of amazing beer options (the menu offers everything from Arrogant Bastard Ale and Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA to Franziskaner Hefe Weiss and Young's Chocolate Stout) as well as pretty decent food.

Sin City Brewing Company - Hiding in the back of the Flamingo is a small bar called Sin City Brewing Company. Unlike Triple 7, the brew pub isn’t on-site and only has seating for a few. But if you need a microbrew for the road, this is the place to stop and try any one of their options -- Weiss, Light, Amber and Stout. You'll also find outposts at Planet Hollywood and Venetian.

Speaking of the Venetian, Public House just opened there complete with the tagline, United We Stand, Pint in Hand. This is definitely on our list to check out next time we are in town. But, for now we’ll have to rely on the word of another VegasChatter contributor, Richard Lane, who says that while he is not a beer fan in general, he’ll be going back. His meal was exceptional and, with 204 beers on the menu and 24 on tap, he said it’s a beer lover’s place. They will even build your meal around your beer selection. We imagine this could be just the place for us. We’ll let you know what we find out.

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Archived Comments:

32 Draft

32 Draft at the M Resort has a great selection also.

Pour 24

Don't forget Pour 24 at the top of the escalator in NY-NY. They have a pretty good selection - not quite as extensive as some places, but enough that almost any beer enthusiast can find something worth drinking.

Freakin' Frog

It's out of the way, but the Freakin' Frog over on Maryland Parkway has to be mentioned. It's a weird place - pricey and divey all at once - but they regularly carry over 500 beers (perusable in their walk-in cooler), some of them extremely rare. Most tourists won't seek it out but if you're a beer lover, you should. It's one of the finest selections available at any bar in the US.

Chicago Brewing Company

The Chicago Brewing Company at the Four Queens has a few nice hand-crafted selections.

it's also off-Strip....

....but Yard House at Town Center has an amazing beer menu.  They also offer half-pints, which is a nice way to try several different offerings without getting totally slammed (important, because from TC you're likely to have to get behind the wheel to get back to your hotel).

Yard House

There's on @ Red Rock Casino too. The food and beer are good. They have happy hour and reverse happy hour (late) specials. The Town Center location is always packed for better or worse. This one usually has ample room.

Sin City Brew

Is there still a Sin City Brew at PH?


Yes, I just confirmed that it's still there. It's in the Miracle Mile Shops.


Thanks!  I love the Sin City Amber!!!

Sash Vegas

Sin City Brewing Co has a third outlet in The Venetian now also.

Craft beer near the Strip

Ellis Island Casino and Brewery on Koval Lane (behind Bally's) does it's own 6 craft beers and at $2 a pint is excellent value.


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