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Desperately Seeking the Old Sahara Steakhouse's Mashed Potato Recipe

January 6, 2012 at 8:36 PM | by | ()

If one of your New Year's resolutions was to lending a helping hand to others more often, well, you could start right here by helping us track down an old steakhouse's mashed potato recipe.

Last week we posted on our Facebook page, the link to our 2011 Memorable Moment about the Sahara's liquidation sale and received this comment from fan Robin who wrote:

Wish I had the recipe for the mashed potatoes from the steakhouse there. They were so awesome, I can no longer eat mashed potatoes. They spoiled me.

That steakhouse would be the House of Lords which indeed housed some lords of Vegas, specifically the Rat Pack (Sinatra, Martin, Davis, etc.) during Vegas' halcyon days.

The restaurant was set to get a new look and a new name at the end of last year, but we're not sure it got the chance as the Sahara closed last May.

Because we don't want Robin to have to give up on mashed potatoes forever and because we thought it could be kind of cool to pass around Vegas restaurant recipes (even from closed shops), if any of you out there happen to know the House of Lords recipe for their mashed potatoes (or even better, you used to work at House of Lords yourself), please send the recipe to us and we'll share it with everyone.

But while we await your servicey answers, we'll be testing out this mashed potato recipe from Vegas Gourmand aka Darryl Armstrong who writes that House of Lords used those ingredients in their fluffy side specialty. Just as we suspected cream--both whipping and cream cheese--plays a big part in getting them so tasty.

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