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The Linq To Bring Cupcakes, Booze And Bowling To The Strip (Yawn)

October 1, 2012 at 3:42 PM | by | ()

Since it was first announced, Caesars Entertainment has made no secret that it's going after the Gen X and Gen Y demographics with its coming Linq, the 'outdoor destination' taking shape between Imperial Palace The Quad and the Flamingo. But, the more we hear, the more it seems like Gen Zzzz.

Today's big announcement was the reveal of more bland tenants for The Linq, one of which we already knew -- Yard House. You know an announcement is underwhelming when the Wall Street Journal begins its coverage of the news with:

If you’ve ever had the urge to bowl or scarf a gourmet cupcake while you’re in Las Vegas...

Oh. My.

Yes, The Linq will bring bowling, cupcakes, a pizzeria, shoes, and booze to the Las Vegas Strip. But, don't worry, it will be brought to you by "impressive" and "trendsetting brands," as Caesars itself proclaims in a press release issued earlier today. Here's a rundown of the specific venues:

Bella Scarpa, a shoe store chain (not to be confused with La Scarpa, the shoe store at Bellagio)
●KOTO, a "lifestyle trend" chain for "unique gifts"
●Ruby Blue, women's accessories already found at Mandalay Bay

●Chayo Mexicano, "upscale casual" mexican cuisine with indoor-outdoor seating (sorry, neighboring Carlos n' Charlies)
●Flour & Barley, pizzeria (its sister restos, The Barrymore, Public House and Holsteins, are hot spots so we have high hopes here)
Off the Strip, an Italian bistro (second Vegas outpost)
Sprinkles, cupcakes and ice cream chain
●F.A.M.E., food, art, music and entertainment "combined to recreate a culinary bazaar" (see below for a teaser)

Tilted Kilt, a breastaurant chain (see here) with a Celtic theme (read: hot girls in kilts)
Yard House, restaurant chain that will feature two-level outdoor patio and beer garden

Brooklyn Bowl, a bowling alley (32 lanes) slash performance space slash nightclub (Twitterers seem to be really jazzed about this one, Facebook fans not so much. This will be the brand's second outpost.)

Caesars says its working on securing additional leases that will bring clothing, eyewear, electronics, and an "athletic/sports boutique" to the Linq as well as "quick serve dining, unique bars, and iconic restaurants." Which reads to us as more mall and stay tuned for more chains. But, while this Chatterer is less than impressed (we have high standards, people, especially when Caesars tells us The Linq will be a "must go destination" and that it will "forever change the way people think"), there's at least one person who's thrilled:

The Linq is set to begin opening in December 2013 while its High Roller observation wheel should make its debut in the second quarter of 2014. And, don't get too excited about Brooklyn Bowl just yet. According to its web page, it won't arrive until 2014, either.

So, tell us -- how is The Linq sounding to you? Let us know in the comments below!

(PHOTOS: Caesars Entertainment, Brooklyn Bowl)

Archived Comments:

Interesting Assortment

They are taking a big-city concept that admittedly works well in other areas (and even in other areas of Las Vegas) and plopping it directly in the center of The Strip.

I'm sure they have done a ton of research, but is this what Las Vegas visitors really want? What they thought was missing? The missing Linq? (Pun intended).

Or is this going to be the next wave of retail/dining that long-time visitors balk at as "too expensive" and further drive people to Fremont Street?

Be interesting to follow the progress. Not a hater, hoping for the best.


Wake me when it goes bankrupt so I can shoot a "meh" your way.

No Need To Even Wake Me...

Plopping it directly in the center of the Strip they are but...at least it won't be 'on the Strip'

Neatly tucked away down the side street make it sooooo easy to just walk past, take a look down the street, AND KEEP ON WALKING.


Bowling and gambling? I think they are stealing ideas from the Silver Nugget.

We'll Know In A Year

@GREGRIO That has been a thought of mine as well. 25 million people may walk past that intersection, but how many will turn and venture down? I was there yesterday, and the gap between O'Sheas and Flamingo is just as I remembered it: Pretty small for a big mall entrance.

Granted, I'm sure there will be huge signage and hoopla and advertising. And, the reconfiguration of surrounding properties to shuttle people through it. They aren't building this to let it fail.

BTW, I realize the audience they are going after. But... is that the kind of audience that really eats up Las Vegas? Are there enough hipsters for both Cosmo and Linq/Quad? Is yet another 2500 person concert venue going to work (even with the bowling novelty)?

Is this really going to be a must-do destination for visitors and with the lousy parking in that area (sans Casino Royale, whom will probably certainly crack down), will it attract any locals to help flesh out the revenue?

I guess we'll all know in a year.


I guess this project is aimed at the younger crowd. An old guy like myself is not seeing anything that really interests me. This looks like something that could really get congested. I hope the rest of the tenants offer a bit more excitement.