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Chippendales Bring The Gun Show To Amazing Race

October 1, 2012 at 5:29 PM | by | ()

The pecs came out for the promotional photo, but The Chippendales kept things a bit more under wraps for the season premiere of The Amazing Race last night. Darn it.

Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis of the Rio, ahem, production show as they clarified in their intro segment did provide us with tickets to the gun show, though, as they ran around China in tanks, casually displaying their bulging biceps as they pointed, wiped sweat off their brow, and pointed some more.

As the episode went on (we won't give away the deets for those who didn't watch it, but a spoiler is coming), we were horrified to see the gents slip further and further to the bottom of the pack. Did all those clothes slow them down? We may never know.

Thankfully, they lived to see another episode (just barely), but more importantly, it looks like we'll see some topless action in the coming weeks, complete with cuffs and bowties. If you missed the first episode and need to drool catch up, watch the full show here. The Amazing Race airs Sunday nights on CBS.


Archived Comments:

Good team

I liked this  team a lot.  They seem very genuine and not douche-y like you'd expect.

Just Amazing

Was amazed at how many people walked right by the abacus lady. Most seemed to not know what one was or even how to pronounce it. Even the beloved Chippendales didn't know what one was.

Don't deserve the win

I know the two personally and i can tell you they don't deserve the win, and they aren't genuine and they are more than just friends, they crossed those lines while on tour in germany both like men despite james davis always having a girlfriend his present girlfriend and past girlfriend both know about his love of men apparently his ex girlfriend even lived with him and his ex boyfriend Brandon Pereyda! what crazy person agrees to that!