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First Peek Of Coco As Bo Peep

October 11, 2012 at 11:00 PM | by | ()

Why should Joan Rivers have all the fun? Time for our first ever round of b*tch stole my crook. Tell us, who wears Bo Peep best?

Coco appearing in Peepshow at Planet Hollywood beginning December 3 and who just released our first look at her in the role of shepherdess.

Or, Holly Madison departing the show on October 21 for motherdom and things as seen on TV?

To make it even more of a peepshow, we'll add Angel Porrino to the mix who will make sure tickets can still be sold in the interim headline the Strip production October 22 through December 2.

So, which lovely lady would you like to peep at more? Coco, Holly or Angel?

(PHOTOS: Coco on Who Say, LasVegasSun.com, lasvegas-nv.com)

Archived Comments:


Eeny,meeny,miny,ho...Planet Ho that is.
I don't know...the thrill is gone without Holly.

Angel can fill in just fine, but I'd miss her in Absinthe and...I just can't get 'behind' (even though she's got plenty of it) Coco. Check out those thunder thighs will ya...babys' got back and then some.

You go, Coco!

I'm definitely rooting for the voluptuous Coco, but I have to say, that corset makes MY ribs hurt! Is that her spleen popping out of her cleavage?

Crook 'em all!

I wasn't expecting to be all that interested in Coco's Bo Peep but I think she looks pretty damn amazing.  Any of the three could herd me pretty easily.

Team Angel!

Team Angel!   And while I think Coco could possibly be a trainwreck, I hope the show thrives... it employs a whole bunch of great people.