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Turn Off The Wifi On Your Phone When Entering A Casino

October 12, 2012 at 2:03 PM | by | ()

The machines may be rising, but smartphones are taking over. More than 50% of mobile phones in use are smartphones and 2/3rds of mobile phones being purchased right now are smartphones. Smartphones are awesome, but when you bring them together with a lot of people in small old buildings you sometimes run into problems.

You may be getting poor cellular service because you're in an old casino that interferes with your signal. It's annoying. We know. That service may also be poor because there are so many people in a small area. This happens less on The Strip, but still happens during conventions.

3G and data service is different and, unlike cell service, you can help fix poor data reception. While cellular service may stop you from speaking to others, many of us can deal with that. Poor data reception will hamper your ability to tweet, Instagram, Facebook, and iMessage your friends. There's a simple solution to fix your data problems --

Turn off the WiFi on your phone.

When turned on, your phone will always look for a WiFi connection. It will also just connect to random open WiFi connections that may not have enough power to do anything. While working on 3G is slower then when connected to WiFi, you'll be able to abuse the code and keep in touch with your friends.

Even in casinos where there is free WiFi, the WiFi on your phone will sometimes repeatedly flip-flop from signal to signal stopping your ability to use data services. This is the case when in The Venetian where your phone may have a connection to their free WiFi one second and then flip to the Cantor Gaming WiFi the next. In the end, neither end up working and you get cranky.

Whether you're in an old casino like the Flamingo or a casino with free WiFi throughout, just turn the WiFi off on your phone so you can stay in touch with the outside world.

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You can grab the iPhone 5 and hope you get one that has wonky WiFi so that you have to leave it off all the time until Apple issues a fix.  (Argh).

I assume that this is an issue because you've connected to these (Venetian and Cantor, for example) networks before?  Otherwise having "Ask to Join Networks" set to off, at least on iOS, should also solve this problem somewhat if they aren't "known networks".  

Course, if you don't plan to use WiFi at all, turning it completely off as you suggested has the benefit of saving some all important battery life too.

Thanks Mr. P!

I'd love an iphone 5! You're a sweetheart.

Casino with free wifi?

Where is there a casino with free wifi throughout?  I can't think of any...



Casino and free wifi

Firstly, the Venetian Casino does not have free wifi, it is in the Venetian mall area. That's like saying PH has wifi when there may be wifi in the Miracle Mile shops

Secondly, the wandering wifi is quite rare. Most phones require you to select to a wifi hotspot. This goes for both Android and iPhone. The fact is most Android devices have much better wifi antennas then the iPhone does.

Thirdly, I dont see how to fix a poor 3G connection? This wasnt mentioned in this article so therefore, it is moot.

Finally, what is the "abuse the code"? The link sends me to some stupid website that looks like it may link you to a porn site full of viruses. But it doesnt tell anyone what this "code" is.


Even if your phone requires you to select a wifi hotspot your phone is still constantly searching for them. Not to mention its a waste of battery life.