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Say Goodbye To Drink Tickets At Sportsbooks On The Strip

October 16, 2012 at 8:20 PM | by | ()

Last year, we mentioned a rumor about Cantor Gaming taking over Caesars Entertainment's sportsbooks. Now, those rumors are heating up again. This time there is a date attached to the rumor.

A few weeks ago we saw this tweet:

A little snooping leads this writer to believe that, after working on the deal for a long time, these rumors are likely true and that January 1st would begin the dawn of a new era with Caesars' sportsbooks.

Since this is still in the rumor stage nothing has been officially announced. But, a January 1 date would give time for Cantor Gaming to have their systems in place at the nine Las Vegas Caesars properties and possibly properties in Reno, Lake Tahoe and Laughlin, too. Just in time for the Super Bowl.

Construction to the Venetian sportsbook was so quick that, if this is announced soon, Caesars Palace may finally replace their "vintage" TV screens in the sportsbook in time for the Big Game, too.

Since Cantor Gaming is an outside vendor, they don't provide drink tickets or comps for the casinos they're located inside of. We haven't placed a wager on a game at an MGM Resorts property recently but, at a minimum, this consolidation will bring an end to any chance at scoring a free drink with any of your sports bets at half the casinos on The Strip.

On the positive side, Cantor Gaming renovating any Caesars Entertainment sportsbook will bring beautiful, crisp TV screens. And, half the fun of betting on sports is being able to watch the games. We'll keep an eye on an official announcement.

Archived Comments:

Any chance they leave Bill's alone?

Since it's scheduled to be remodeled, will they wait until the re-do to re-do the sportsbook?

Thumbs down for Cantor

They should spend some more time making their phone app servicable.  Worst app I've ever seen and tried to use.

Oh well

It sucks but it doesn't affect me that much.  A bunch of these guys were jerks who strictly enforced the "100 bet for 1 drink ticket" policy...

I really do think that eventually free drink service as a whole will be reduced significantly or dropped altogether.


Interesting point. I think Caesars is soft testing that with the upgrade drink charges but I can't imagine that perk going away all together.

@Michael James1

You would not believe how often I've heard that. I know someone that actually sat down with a tech person from Cantor who took about an hour to get it working.

I'm happy with the Will Hill & Station apps.


That may put it later on their priority list. I can't imagine renovating all the sportsbooks at once, especially for the smaller properties.

Been a while

On Sunday Pro Games at the Bellagio (MGM) there where free drinks when seated in the recliners...not sure if it is still the case.

PH had free drinks last year for Breeder Cup Races.

For football I like to find a TV at a VP Bar to play and watch and free drinks.

Anyone know of any good Breeder Cup Race Parties this year? I will be in Vages for a 5 day trip.