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Are These The Best Hotels In Vegas?

October 16, 2012 at 4:08 PM | by | ()

Ask ten people what the top hotel in Vegas is and you'll likely get ten different answers. With so many choices out there, choosing what's best in Vegas is more of a personal preference. Maybe the room's basic, but the location is fab. Or, maybe what makes your fave hotel the best is that the room is a comp. Today, Conde Nast Traveler released its annual Reader's Choice Awards for the top 15 hotels in Las Vegas and while some are expected, there's a few surprises in there, too.

CNT readers voted Wynn and Encore as the number one hotel in Vegas. (Yes, we know, it's really two, but there it is.) Their second choice? Four Seasons. The rest stack up as so:

3. Palazzo
4. Bellagio
5. Venetian (yes, not sure why Wynn and Encore were lumped together and Palazzo and Venetian weren't)
6. Mandarin Oriental
8. The Cosmopolitan
9. Trump
10. JW Marriott
11. THEhotel at Mandalay Bay
12. Caesars Palace
13. Wyndham Grand Desert
14. Green Valley Ranch
15. The Mirage

If you're like us, your eyebrow probably raised a few times at some of the names on this list as well as the order of their ranking. We know that we'd erase some of these entries and sub in some others. But, what about you? Do you agree with this list? Or should it be thrown out? Sound off in the comments below.

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Archived Comments:


Having stayed at almost all of these I can say with certainty that Wynn/Encore are no longer the best - maybe they are the best if you drop more than a grand a night, but their service and accommodations for the regular visitor are not the best in town these days, sorry Uncle Stevie!


Nothing downtown eh? Must have been a bunch of YUPPIES voting.  LOL

THE Hotel? Whaaaat?

I like it---it's ok, but not in the top 15, I wouldn't think. Wow!

Not too bad

Nothing really surprises me here...(well except maybe Trump)......

Also having stayed at most of these I am shocked to see Bellagio so highly rated. I had a terrible experience there (for the money).

Best bang for your buck on that list at least in my view is Mirage. Older no doubt but the amenities are there and the room are pleasantly refreshed and a decent size. Not to mention fantastic location and 2nd best pool

It's about right to me.

Of course, the "best" is subjective. I'm sure there's a lot of people who have a blast at Casino Royale, for example. Regarding downtown, only Golden Nugget would have had a chance to make it on the list and even that would have been a tough call.

Not surprised

Just came back from staying at Encore for 4 days.  I would indeed go back.  Ive also stayed at Palazzo/Venetian/Venetzia with more than a fair share of visits. With these properties, you can stay on property with all the amenities at hand.

Great poker room, check.
Great table games, check.
Great slots, check.
Great spa, check.
Great pools, check.
Great clubs, check.
Great shows, check.
Great food,  check.
Suite rooms, check.
Great service, check.
Ease of self park/walking distance, check.
Great looking drink servers, check.
Great shopping, check.

Although Palazzo/Venetian is more rounded out with shopping that includes $ and not just $$$. Those are my goto properties. (having stayed at Mirage, NYNY, Monte Carlo, Imperial Palace, Paris, Planet Hollywood, Treasure Island, Aria, MGM Grand in the past).

The big surprise is MGM Skylofts not being on the list is a shock.  It is pure bliss while staying there.  


The "best" hotel in Vegas is really dependent on who you are/ what you want to do. For example, Wynn/Encore are beautiful and have tons to do/ going on, however they are located very far north, so a first time visitor who wants to walk to all the hotels should probably look elsewhere.

In sum, all the places on the above list are more than decent hotels, but before booking any one should think about what they want to do in Vegas an how they want to spend their time.