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In Moving Forward, Downtown Grand To Go With Old-Timey Design

Where: 206 North 3rd [map], 89101
October 17, 2012 at 7:37 PM | by | ()

Get ready to mix some old-timey East Coast vibes with your Downtown Vegas feel.

Now that the D Hotel and the Golden Gate have finished polishing up their brass and chrome, it's time to turn attention to the more important upgrade occurring just down the street. The fate of Lady Luck. Or, as we'll need to call it, Downtown Grand.

Fifth Street Gaming have promised to re-open the 48-year-old casino and hotel in September 2013. On the surface they've been quiet for some time, but we've noticed some serious, recent momentum. And we've starting turning our eye to Ogden Street in prep for the months ahead. And, when we start doing that doing that, well we always dig up some good stuff.

The rendering of the Downtown Grand on Fifth Street Gaming's website hasn't been updated in a while, but VegasChatter had discovered it's not far off the mark in terms of the current thinking. While the tower exteriors, room interiors, and the new pool and cabanas on the East Tower's third floor suggest a modern-ish take on a boutique hotel, oddly, the ground level look will be very old-school in approach. There's been previous mention of old, city building facades being integrated into to the new look. We've learned the official theme for the makeover is of an "east coast warehouse district."

This design homage is to a time when Eastern downtown districts were filled with warehouses. The "Warehouse Era," they are calling it. Calling it an era is, just for the record, an entirely specious invention by the company. Nevertheless, we wondered if there's a kind of an Atlantic City Boardwalk Empire approach at work. They are building an Empire Room, complete with bar.

What we've actually seen makes it look, at first glance, like a less fussy exterior of New York-New York (shown above). An early 20th century city block. With lots of faux antique and vintage details. The dome on top of the East Tower has enough ornate wrought iron to choke Monsieur Eiffel. Fake signage for food and retail will include nods to old Vegas traders and gives the idea that an old saloon and casino lie inside. Treated brickwork is painted to look weathered and goose-neck lamps will illuminate the setting.

While we're waiting to happily discover examples of a "new standard for luxury, sophistication and style" as further promised by the owners, (although this is the same company that refers to the Gold Spike as a "boutique resort") our current research has encountered what we feel is a muddled design. We're particularly un-fond of the current fonts. Yep, fonts. The sign over the porte cochere is dreadfully weak.

We'll reveal much more details in future posts. And, also discuss the importance of Downtown Grand's crucial role in creating a new "corridor" that consolidates this section east of Fremont. Whatever the look, Downtown Grand has been overlooked as an integral component in the area's future. Far more than than a fire-breathing praying mantis.

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Archived Comments:

A theme?

How clever!  While strip fans have been saddened by the de-theming of the very concepts that their respective casinos are named for, downtown turns things around and actually themes a remodel.  Pure brilliance~!


Still more excited for the shipping container park ;)

@sammasseur, The Linq is supposed to have a warehouse "theme," too. Guess we'll see who does it best!

Cool Feel

I like how it is giving a cool "downtown" feel to our downtown (even if it is a faux creation).

I'm sticking with my prediction that within a few years, people planning a vacation will plan downtown-centric trips. The bulk of their visit will revolve around downtown with maybe a trip or two down to The Strip to hit a show or an event.

Love Downtown

I will be in town for 5 days during breeders cup race weekend.

I have 5 free days at PH on the strip, But I also booked Fri and Sat night free at the Queens so I could party on the mall.

I have been hearing about something with the Lady Luck way too many years now and wonder if this is just more talk or will it really happen.

I hope the new bar work on the Queens has not messed up the view from my front VP bar.

Fun Times

old timey look,,,warehouse district,,,,industrial chic,,whatever you wanna call it,,,is very different to most casinos in las vegas...so  ..if you think this will look like station casinos or a modern look ..your not gonna see it,,,so  thats good,,,that makes them different from the rest.....