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Echelon To Be Hidden From View By February

October 18, 2012 at 11:55 PM | by | ()

Once envisioned as a competitor to CityCenter, Echelon is now just a bit of sad Vegas trivia.

Sidelined by the economy back in 2008, the sprawling project was to have seen a 3,300-room hotel-casino, a shopping mall, and three supporting boutique hotels (sound familiar?), a Mondrian, a Shangri-La and a Delano (recently swooped up by Mandalay Bay). Instead, the site has sat dormant all these years.

Now, the Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that parent company Boyd Gaming is planning to camoflague the site with landscaping and will place a "decorative wrap" around the ironwork. (Right now, we're thinking something along the lines of this.) The RJ states that the greenery should be up by December and the wrap a month later.

Earlier this year, local government officials granted Boyd Gaming a six year time extension on the stalled venture. So, your guess is as good as ours as to when Echelon will restart. If ever.

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Archived Comments:

Just rebuild the Stardust.....

6 Years...

The likelihood of this even being built within 6 years is kind of a pipe dream.  City Center, which was built in high economic times took 5 -- and it didn't have an almost built tower up the street from it just sitting there.  I have a feeling we're going to be looking at this shell of a hotel for quite awhile.

Never Going To Happen

Even the most rosy tourist projections don't see us able to absorb that many rooms anytime in the near future. And, that factor will extend into time with the possible opening of SLS.

I guess at this point, they are still holding out hope of designing a new property using the existing construction (and they really have nothing to lose by doing so).


I've been advocating that in the future all such building projects require a special bond be posted up front.  And, that bond specifically sets aside monies to be used to rehab a site if the developers stall or abandon the project.  


I like the idea of wrap that is faux building. I hope they will back it up with some nice landscaping and lights.