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Yes, We'll Have A Skull of Beer

October 22, 2012 at 7:33 PM | by | ()

We think we have found our new favorite souvenir cup on The Strip!

Last week, we met up with Denver Gambler to watch the Broncos play Monday Night Football. In search of a drink at Treasure Island, we ended up at the Margarita Bar just outside of the casino next to the Starbucks. After waiting in line a few minutes, we found a plastic skull mug that they would fill with our choice of frozen drink or micro brew, if purchased. We opted for a micro brew because sipping a skull of frozen drinks seemed less awesome then drinking a skull of beer.

This is the first time we've seen this kind of souvenir mug. The skull mugs cost about $13 (it was an odd number because of taxes) and holds about 30 ounces of booze. $13 for two Longboard Lager's isn't a bad price at all AND we walked away with a skull mug. The skull mug isn't a huge mug compared to some of the other offerings on The Stripáthat range anywhere from 50 ounces of Red Bull &Vodka at Planet Hollywoodáto 80-ounce booze guitars that were once available at Imperial Palace.

We think we may have found a decent value and our favoriteásouvenirámug in Vegas. As the hotels of Las Vegas continue to de-theme their appearance, we wonder if these fun themed Vegas-only mugs will disappear. For now, we have hope for a new souvenir mug next year. In a perfect world,áThe Linq will bring us an awesome Ferris Wheel mug with moving parts!

What is your favorite souvenir mug? Let us know in the comments.

Archived Comments:

I like it

This is one souvenir mug I'd seek out, thanks for the tip.


Wishing I had seen this last week when I was in town.

This is the coolest thing. Especially since I need a new "go-to" beer mug at home.

Hopefully they stay around, and at that price.



I plan on visiting again to get once since I left my mug with a friend who tossed my skull. I'll report back when I do!