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Virgin Wants To Bring A Hotel To Vegas

October 22, 2012 at 4:25 PM | by | ()

It's one of six hotel brands our big sis, HotelChatter, says we should be excited about. And, now, we're officially geeked out to hear that Virgin is interested in bringing its hotel arm to Vegas.

The New York Post states, in reporting on efforts to establish the brand in the Big Apple, that mogul Richard Branson is also looking at Las Vegas as well as DC, LA, San Fran and Miami for future locations.

Of course, the first Virgin Hotel isn't even open yet (it's coming to Chicago in fall 2013) so we're likely a ways off, but our minds are still abuzz over just where it would build in Vegas. Or, if it would take over an old building like it's doing in Chi-Town or transform a portion of an already established Vegas brand like the Delano is doing with THEhotel at Mandalay Bay.

Would you stay at Virgin Hotel, Las Vegas? Where could you see it setting up shop? Let us know in the comments below!

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Archived Comments:

More Competition on the Strip

Assuming the Virgin hotel was fun, interesting, and high on the amenity list (aka a new version of the Cosmo), I'd stay there in a heartbeat!  Competition on the strip has, and will be, always a good thing!

Vegas virgin

The jokes and stories will be endless!!

Of course!

I'd seek this out as long as I wasn't priced out.  In fact I'm geeked out more about this news than that of a Ruth Chris, bowling, or Yardhouse.

Virgin America Air

I flew Virgin America Air the last time I was out there.  Best flight I've ever been on even though I had to fly cross country to San Fran and then back to Vegas because Boston doesn't do direct flights.

A nice flight and stay package deal could be killer.  

Virgin Hooters

If I was a betting man (heh heh) I'd put my money on a Virgin Hotel taking over Hooters.

Virgin SLS

If we don't hear something about Nazarian getting some funding soon, The Sahara might be available at a nice price. (Pure speculation on my part, I am not a gaming financials expert). Although I must think that Branson would not be foolish enough to attempt to bring luxury to the North Strip until the recession was a distant memory.

Big Bleu Beast

I hear there's a place near the Riviera that just needs a few more pieces put into place (and another set of furniture, hopefully better quality than what was sent to PLAZA).