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Rock Of Ages Ready To Knock Your Slots Off

October 23, 2012 at 6:39 PM | by | ()

The live show doesn't start until December 18, but you can practice some early head-bangin' at the Venetian's all-new Rock Of Ages slot machines. The 80s, hair-metal, jukebox musical Rock of Ages, replacing the departed Blue Man Group, is benefiting from a hard sell by the resort.

We stumbled upon the new display just as it became operational. Twenty dedicated, themed, Rock of Ages penny slots. The slammin' square set-up features a drum kit, flames and a boat load of steel. But, wait. There's more!

This quad is located right next to the Bourbon Room, the part musical tie-in, part stand alone bourbon-centric tribute bar. It's a fun room. And, prime placement for rockers to watch the very special slot gimmick. See, while admiring this new display, in front of our very eyes, it started moving...

We watched the drum kit rotate on its metal base and morph into a tricked out Venetian chopper! Right before our eyes! Gnarly, dude.

Both the bike and, um, the drum kit are the jackpot prize for these machines. You need to get three 7's and a couple of the jackpot logos. And, play all nine lines. But, hey, a drum kit! Cash is also nice. But, hey, a drum kit!

If that's not enough, there's a whole lot of other air-guitar opportunities coming to the neighborhood. Rockhouse will re-locate to The Grand Canal Shoppes before year's end. And, they have beer pong.

And Chef Sammy D of First Food and Bar, is really close to unleashing a much hipper edge to the resort with his burger, pickle, shots and beer joint called Rattlecan. It's by the sportsbook and will extend out to The Venetian courtyard. And, is a lot more street than Rock of Ages. Proving the Venetian is full of surprises, these days.

Archived Comments:

Another Drum Kit ???

Everyone needs at least 1 drum set at home...they're great to release tension/stress. Put on the headphones and beat away!

The ROCK OF AGES slots display looks cool...the slots don't interest me much, but the drums and bike caught my eye...

It certainly deserves a walk-by next month as I stole thru on my way... up the escalator to Palazzo and GRIMALDI's for a pepperoni pizza fix.
(THANKS for the heads up VEGAS CHATTER!)

I got my ROCK OF AGES tic the other day for February!
There's been no change in the BLUE MAN theatre seating arrangement and remember...it's quite possibly the most cramped showroom seating in Vegas.

For the best experience at ROCK OF AGES, I suggest a seat right behind the old 'Poncho Seats' Rows E,F,G.
Prices range from $134,$101,$73.50,and fifty seven bucks.

Look at the seating chart, call the box office and talk to a real person 1.866.641.7469

You Missed

The awesome blackjack and craps tables next to the slot machines. You can look into the club from the tables what watch people get their groove on.


That's an awful location for Rockhouse.