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Dining at Delmonico (Again)

Where: 3355 Las Vegas Blvd S [map], 89109
October 23, 2012 at 2:50 PM | by | ()

Last year, Delmonico at The Venetian topped our list of top 5 steakhouses in Las Vegas. As good as the steak is at Delmonico, the service has always been better. This writer actually had the best meal of his life at Delmonico a few years ago for a friend's bachelor party. That night wasn't just about a great steak, but it was the entire experience that included a table-side caesar salad preparation, good wine, 12 waiters all presenting the steak simultaneously, and simply sharing the night with great friends.

Delmonico is a traditional steakhouse in that there are very little frills. Contrasting the traditional atmosphere is the minimalist decor. The room is airy and a very comfortable place to eat. Unlike places like Gordon Ramsey Steak, you won't be inches away from the people next to you.

One of the best features at Delmonico is their wait staff. You don't have one waiter. You have a team of waiters that are all very attentive to your needs. This goes a long way in making Delmonico one of the best steakhouses in a city full of steakhouses.

Our most recent visit started with lobster bisque and gumbo. Both were very good, but neither knocked our socks off. The most impressive part of either dish were the large chunks of lobster in the bisque. They were worthy appetizers, but nothing we must have again next visit.

The waiter said that the ribeye is their best steak and is what they're famous for so we decided to give it a shot even though a strip is more to our liking. The thing about a ribeye is that because there's fat surrounding the steak it gives it an incredible amount of flavor. (Did we mention that fat means flavor?) The extra flavor is sometimes a good thing but, this time, it wasn't. The beef, itself, was excellent and prepared perfectly, but there were a few bites where the black pepper seasoning was overwhelming. The fat around the ribeye was just obnoxious and felt as if we were leaving half of the steak on the plate. We didn't, it was just fat.

Our friend had the filet mignon and felt similarly -- good beef, but too much pepper. This wasn't just a fat thing, this was a heavy handed pepper shaker. This will be the last time this writer orders a ribeye and will stick with the strip.

Wishing somebody a surprise happy birthday at a restaurant is always fun. When making reservations with Open Table there's a box to enter information for a special occasion. Not all restaurants pay attention to this, but Delmonico does. We were greeted with a 'Happy Birthday' to our friend when we checked in and again after we were seated. The head waiter brought out some kind of halibut amuse bouche on the house. At the end of the meal, we opted simply for a very mediocre carafe of pressed coffee, but were greeted with a 'Happy Birthday' raspberry sorbet. Again, there was no charge for this.

This trip to Delmonico was highlighted more by the excellent service then the meal itself. Everything we ate was good, but there was nothing that blew us away. That said, the overall dinner experience was excellent as usual with service that is matched by few restaurants in Las Vegas.

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