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Toast The Presidential Candidates At Oscar's

Where: 1 South Main Street [map], 89101
October 24, 2012 at 2:54 PM | by | ()

Photobombed by the golden arches.

Now that the debates are over and the undecided have decided not to decide, the Plaza is allowing the drinking public to vote with their thirst inside Oscar's Beef, Booze, Broads. The steakhouse is currently featuring two politically themed cocktails to hang our chad on. VegasChatter stopped in during the third presidential debate expecting a rowdy bar full of red and blue supporters pledging their allegiance to one cocktail over another while listening to international policy stances. Instead, we found a Monday Night Football game on and no scent of a political trail.

Our thirst, though, was not to be quenched by oversized beer filled footballs (or skulls). This VegasDrinker was determined to reach across the aisle and drown his bipartisan curiosity with a cocktail from each candidate.

Deciding the politically correct approach would be to sip the incumbent first, we ordered up a No-Bama Cocktail from the bartender: rye whiskey, ginger and mezcal served in a martini glass and garnished with a lemon. The drink was an immediate hit: a surprisingly light and refreshing change as day turned into night. Halfway into the glass, though, it was as if our taste buds had been asleep through the first debate few sips as the No-Bama got stronger. Not yet completely overpowering, but boozy enough for us to take notice of our state of sobriety.

By the bottom of the cocktail, the No-Bama actually started to burn a little. The barkeep laughed saying he'd mixed it up extra well to try and even it out. If we weren't already decided on trying out the challenger next, it would have been difficult to elect another round of the No-Bama. For the record, we did finish it, you can fact check us on that, and wouldn't rule out having it again.

Moving on to the Republican selection, the Stiff Romney was not a a binder full of cocktail recipes. It also was not a perfectly garnished stocky drink. And, lastly it didn't consist of 47 percent alcohol. In fact, the Stiff Romney contained zero alcohol. It was simply a bottle of Fiji Water. Romney don't drink that alcohol game, you see. And Fiji is fancy water. The joke was on us as we should've seen it coming, but didn't. Well played, Oscar.

The cost after taxes for a No-Bama cocktail: $11. A Stiff Romney will set drinkpayers back $7. Is Oscar Goodman's political statement here that a Romney is the cure after just one Obama? Readers may recall the infamous spat the former mayor had after an Obama quote on Vegas. We aren't calling that grudge match so instead we'll refer to Oscar's political photo ops that stop at no lines and decorate the walls of his restaurant.

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At first the change is suttle.....then you come to find out you've been fooled and now you can't stomach the change.....too late, we suckered you into spending more money and have you wondering if things will ever get better. Well come try this, we'll give you absolutely nothing and it'll still cost you..... But hey it made me money so that's ok.....right?

Spot on Dutch!

Wait we're still talking about cocktails right...


Yeah of course Mr Giorgio ..... The .....(clear throat)...cocktails......