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More Discoveries Of What's To Come At Downtown Grand

Where: 206 North 3rd [map], 89101
October 25, 2012 at 7:41 PM | by | ()

Call us a tad skeptical. While pondering over notes from our on-going investigation into the Lady Luck Downtown Grand remodeling, one of the quotes on the resort's website caught our eye:

"Thirsty guests can raise a glass at any of eight bars and lounges, while 11 restaurants are sure to please every palate."

Well, we've been trying to get a handle on that for you.

While we don't want to doubt the very early ambitions of the place, based on our knowledge, we're not fully convinced 11 "restaurants" are located 100% inside the Downtown Grand.

Maybe local favorites, Mob Bar and Triple George, unofficially, but sort of, are part of the large compound footprint of the project and will pad out the numbers. Our sources indicate that The Grand (as we've been calling it, or maybe the G, to rival the D?) has less than double digit dining options, if you sensibly exclude real quickie fast food.

Some very early prototype names for their grazing quota include the Lady Luck Cafe, Commissary and Empire Room. We've heard of a food court like venture in the West Tower which has already provisionally committed to dim sum, burgers and crepes. Maybe it's a food court, maybe a buffet. Too early to tell.

The main casino floor does have two substantial restaurants planned, one large, but currently a secret; the other, a Chinese restaurant located just off the gaming floor. Surrounding the gaming area, there's also a daiquiri bar and a deli. The main bar sits right in the center of the action of the large, open gaming area. By the brand new pool, there's a grill and bar. Again, nice to have options, but calling a take-out counter, a restaurant, seems a bit of stretch. Time will tell.

Another thing we noted in our travels was this plot of land across the street from the Gold Spike at the corner of Fourth Street and Ogden. Currently, a construction trailer farm for the development, this area will ultimately turn into the porte cochere for the Downtown Grand. Old-timey gooseneck lighting will illuminate the concourse and signs for traffic will use an art deco/20s-style font. In case you missed our last report, the word of the month is "old-timey."

We enlarged the company's concept rendering as much as we could to give you an idea.

One final preview nugget we discovered: the possibility of outdoor gaming on Third Street, across from the Hogs & Heifers Saloon. It will be located just off the sportsbook, and a few steps from the daiquiri bar. Perfect for the September 2013 promised opening.

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Archived Comments:

the roof...

I'm kind of surprised they haven't taken down the old Lady Luck sign on the roof yet...  I thought they would have done that during the exterior painting phase...


That's a lot of big plans... Especially planning all those restauarants at a time of openings/closings of many downtown restaurants.

I visited (never stayed at) the Lady Luck in the 90's but I can't remember much about it except it had a scary little hotdog bar in the small-ish casino and the woman next to me won 2 almost back-to-back jackpots.