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Desperately Seeking Hangover 3 (And Hot Dogs At Peppy Mart)

October 29, 2012 at 4:07 PM | by | ()

Alan added two more guys and a gal to his wolfpack.

Finally, the wolfpack has come back to Las Vegas. After issuing an apology for tying up Southern California traffic, cast and crew of Hangover 3 moved up the I-15 for filming. And, since we're certified stalkers dedicated disciples of fat Jesus, the past week was spent chasing the tiger tail.

While we spent Monday sipping political cocktails rumor had it a film crew was nearby on Fremont. That turned out to be the other Hangover, Last Vegas starring Robert DeNiro and Michael Douglas. Vegas gossip Norm Clarke reported that the cast had been seen checking into Binion's Wednesday. Which is ironic as Binion's doesn't currently have an active check-in desk. Ah, the magic of Hollywood.

DeNiro and Douglas would've made for great photo ops, but the hunt for the wolfpack continued. In that same report, Norm also attributed a tall crane attached to the Eiffel Tower was setup for a Mr. Chow stunt scene. Then the local FOX affiliate snapped photos of downtown storefronts getting prepped for filming. Thursday, we swung through Caesars Palace hoping to get lucky, but came up empty. A tip sent us over to The Mirage but, again, found nada evidence of any film action. Our star sniffer wasn't completely off though as Ed Helms was taking in Cirque's LOVE while we happened to be circling outside the theater. So close.

Friday's arrival brought the first confirmed cast photos we'd come across. Ed Helms, Zack Galifianakis and Ken Jeong were not spotted on location, but at an early voting event. Hey, we'll take that even if Mr. Chow is fully dressed and Dr. Stu has all his teeth. At least there's a full beard in the shot.

Whispers of film trailers near Pappagiorgio proper had us off again in search of our Hangover moment Saturday morning. With only a general location and a full tank of gas, we picked up another scent. A road closed doesn't have to be the road less traveled when it's also labeled with a msyterious "GH" and is guarded by men in black.

Away from both The Strip and downtown, we'd found a set near Mesa Park in Summerlin. Pretending to be interested in the nearby kiddie soccer games (and hoping that didn't raise more suspicion) we managed to give security the slip.

So what did we find out in the desert? A naked Chow jumping from the trunk of a car? That was so 2009. Would a second sequel have to introduce Alan's junk to the trunk? Or, turn the tables with Chow freeing the 'pack? While there were Star Waggons a plenty, the only action while we were there was outside a catering truck and what appeared to be a wardrobe delivery. Aha, so there will be clothes in Hangover III!

Word has it that the location was setup to film a paintball scene. That certainly couldn't be going down so close to the park. Cursing ourselves for not driving the landspeeder but not yet ready to give up, our hopes were again raised after spotting a second security guard golf-carting off in another direction.

Further out in the desert didn't bring any more action(!) or nudity(!!) but scenes of more trucks and possibly a camera crane.

Ahoy, there must be gold somewhere in thar hills. Even further out in the desert landscape we found more vehicles, security, and cranes. There must be a way to get closer.

A spot in the film was not to be Saturday, though, after it appeared we were made by Big Black. The wolfpack would have to wait another day. That day would come Sunday when we packed up our camera gear and headed downtown to scope out the new storefronts that had sprung up just for shooting.

Still no lights, camera, or action at the DT location. Just a shell of a building with paint drying on three distinct storefronts. From this stalker stop, though, can we piece together more of a plot for Hangover 3? After a deadly paintball fight, arrests lead Mr. Chow to the Midnight Pawn Shop to trade a fancy ring or two for cash to spend at the 24 hour Bail Bonds while Alan stops at the Peppy Mart for a 99 cent hot dog run?

Have you come upon any Vegas film locations? Have you spotted the stars acting, eating, or sleeping? Send your star tips to VegasChatter and let us know where we should be aiming our spy equipment next!

Update 10/29: Cameras were seen early Monday morning outside Caesars Palace. No word if they were pointed to the roof or if any mattresses have been in makeup.

[Photos: Zach Galifianakis: Tara Rountree; others: VegasChatter]

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Maybe he was distracted by the card flickers.