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Binion's Opens Door To Past While Keeping Mum On The Future

Where: 128 Fremont Street [map], 89101
October 29, 2012 at 6:23 PM | by | ()

Frozen in time at Binion's

Binion's checked out of the downtown hotel game back in 2009, but last Friday, it posted photos of what its old rooms look like now on Facebook.

The accommodations reflect a lost Vegas decor that was clearly meant as a homage to grandma Laura Ashley. Check out the rose-colored carpeting. The floral wallpaper border. The floral prints. The floral drapes. The floral sheers. Yes, at one time, everything was coming up roses for Binion's.

We posted a query about plans for the remodeled rooms (hey, we're nothing if not dogged) and were told there were no plans for that "as of yet." But, in response to another fan's question, Binion's did have this to add:

...these pics are of the Horseshoe side of the casino as someone requested to see the old rooms. This part of the hotel has not been occupied in years. Once we have a date for the opening of the tower we will announce it, but nothing in stone as of yet.

Aha! So, maybe there's some truth to the buzz that a Binion's room remodel is more than just a dream, after all. If you happen to know a little something-something, send it to us at tips@vegaschatter.com!

The view from here at Binion's.

(PHOTOS: Binion's on Facebook)

Archived Comments:


Glad you cross-posted this.  I was actually the one who requested these photos, and was flattered that they actually did it!  

Too funny!

I'm glad you asked. It was really interesting to see that the rooms were pretty much as they were left. Here's to hoping that they come back on line next year!

Not as bad as I'd think

The room doesn't look all that bad imo opinion for not having been touched in three years.  The casino looked a lot worse right before they started sprucing that up 4-5 years ago.  And I loved the fact that some spots of the casino looked like a neglected corner of my (great) grandparents basement.  

Yeah, but ...

They got some work to do before they expect these rooms to generate any revenue.  Too many better options nearby.  


It looks better than most rooms at the IP...especially the carpet.

Not horrible

Hell, put a real TV in that room (and some bedding, natch) and I'd sleep in it during a guys weekend.

Gossip On This Topic By 2 Employee's

While playing video poker at the D the first week of October, I played along side 2 dealers from Binions. Their take on the matter was, the current owners/management are quite content with having zero overhead from hotel operations at this time. The revenues coming in from casino operations is what the focus is. The amount of rooms on line downtown right now are hard to fill, so until things turn around.....no new rooms at Binions. And what prompted me to think this maybe true is the fact that I am constantly getting free room offers from The Plaza, and I haven't set foot in that place since 2008. Is downtown really BEGGING to fill rooms? Or, is it because they saw my level of play and want me back?

The Owner

Last I heard the owner was the Four Queens. Has that changed?

the Queens has plenty of rooms to fill as it is.

I was talking to a friend that was talking about the old rooms being almost sound proof...

Some Answers

@DFW You are correct. Same owners.

@TJC With the re-opening of The Plaza and Lady Luck due back online, downtown is still going to have more rooms than it can handle for now.

Also, people are going to be looking very closely at how the ADR's (average daily room rates) at The D pan out, which will be a good indication of whether remodeling rooms is a sound business investment. IE, if enough the market for a nicer, higher priced room exists.

Downtown visitation continues to do VERY well at around 17 million people per year. On top of that, gaming at Binion's appears to be well above what it was a couple of years ago. So... no incentive to take a risk on new rooms right now. Should gaming on the floor have stayed more soft, there would have been more incentive to fill the hotel and get traffic through it.

@Sal Sagev1 They have a design done for when they want to pull the trigger. Modern with lots of red and black. Goodbye "Grandma", Hello "Excitement".

Finally, it isn't just the cost of some new paint, carpets, and beds. My understanding is that the heating/cooling system for the rooms needs a 100% overhaul. Right now, two pipes (one for heat, one for cooling) run through for each room and the system is very hard to regulate. (Rooms are either too hot or too cold). That won't do for upgraded, more upscale rooms.

You also have a possible issue with the demand for additional power outlets and the like. If you are going to go after a slightly higher-priced crowd, they will want things like that.

Hence, they are looking at significant gutting and rebuilding. Something that seemed under consideration a year ago, but not so feasible with so much pending and upgraded inventory downtown.

Finally, their owner just celebrated his 65'th birthday. He's enjoying life and can play the wait and see game.


Yes, they share the same ownership, TLC Enterprises, and direct all room queries over there.