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G2E Expo Day One: Rise of The Machines

October 3, 2012 at 3:44 PM | by | ()

Terminator 3 had it right, it's us against the machines.

Slot machines take up most of the casino floor in Las Vegas and are big business at G2E. New slot machines are the highlight of the show for many, but the machines are slowly taking over. There are way too many new slot machines to even keep track of, but it's easy to remember the slot machines with popular themes from TV shows and music that have been around for 30-40 years. G2E is nirvana for anyone that likes bright lights and loud noises.

At first glance, it's easy to feel jaded with big names and old themes attached to old slot machine technology but, stepping back, we remember that we love a lot of this technology and these new skins just open the game up to other people. Groovy.

The first day of G2E was chockfull of celebrity appearances that were easy to distract us from finding anything new. Hey, it's easy to be distracted with an army of oompa loompas wandering the casino floor.

Celebrity appearances and mascots are typical at G2E, but this didn't distract us from the overall story: it seems as if the machines are taking over. So many slot machines are being made that they've overflowed into other areas of the expo. Walk through the surveillance section and you'll find a few random slot machine manufacturers, too.

While many of the games are just new themes of old things slapped on existing technology, it's still possible to find a new slot machine. One of the first slot machines we saw was Karate Pig. The game doesn't look like anything new or special but... KARATE !$@#R@ PIG!!!!

Before we even walked into the expo, we were greeted by people wearing Family Guy masks promoting their new slot machine inside. As soon as we walked into the expo, there was some kind of mascot martian dance-off happening. We were a little freaked out so we ran away. Running to the left as far as we could, we ended up finding Gene Simmons from KISS hanging out and signing autographs for the new KISS slot machine. If you're a KISS fan, you will be blown away with the inclusion of Bose audio in the chairs of this slot machine.

The machines are oozing into other areas and distracting us from finding other things that we can expect to see inside of the casino in the future. Today, we're going to look for some things that we'll see in a casino that aren't slot machines. Wish us luck. We'll need it.

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