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Still Stalking Hangover 3

October 30, 2012 at 11:21 PM | by | ()

While we were resting up after evading men in black in the desert and cruising around downtown Vegas, the elusive Hangover 3 cast showed up at Caesars Palace last night. Of course. So, we were forced to live vicariously via social media, finding the amazingly awesome Instagram of Mr. Chow posted above and reading tweets from people who not only saw filming on The Strip, but who (for at least one guy, anyway) managed to score a walk-on, too. (This is us green with envy.)

And then there was the disbeliever...

Turned believer.

We're going to ignore the Pauly D reference in that tweet. (Please, no Pauly D in H3.) In re-evaluating our attempts to desperately seek Hangover 3, our to do list for the rest of the week includes becoming BFFs with in-the-know Vegas cabbies...

And, maybe picking up an extra job.

Hey, anything for you guys. You're the best readers any webzine can have. Ok, we'll stop now. For today.

(PHOTOS: Todd Phillips and nickifr3sh on Instagram)

Archived Comments:

How long?

We're going to be in Vegas starting on Monday. Any idea how long they're filming there?


We haven't heard yet, but that may be a stretch. They were out filming on the Strip again last night (Tuesday).


Cool, thanks for the info. If we catch some of the filming, that would be neat. If not, we'll live :)


really nice