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The Wolfpack Dropped In On The Strip Again

October 31, 2012 at 8:52 PM | by | ()

In the desert. In downtown. At Caesars Palace. Over the last few days, Hangover 3 sightings have been harder to keep track of than Doug (or Teddy if you're more of a Hangover 2 fan). And, last night, a fourth location was added to the mix -- the airspace above the Las Vegas Strip.

That last link in the tweet above is worth clicking for a short video of our unknown parachuter coming in for a landing. Just make sure to tilt your head to the side before you hit play.

Hangover 3 will hit the theaters in May 2013. The buzz is that this installment won't involve a bachelor party or a wedding. And, may even include some flashbacks to things we didn't see during our first Hangover.

(PHOTO: @zakariabenazouz on Twitter)

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