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We Showed You The Praying Mantis. Now, Check Out The Immersion Dome

October 31, 2012 at 7:50 PM | by | ()

By now, you've checked-out the fire-breathing praying mantis that will beckon you to Downtown's future Shipping Container Park. But, that was so yesterday. Let's move on and introduce you to the Vortex Immersion Dome. It will sit right next to it's macropterous neighbor.

A 1.29-acre park on Fremont East is close to breaking ground. Recycled metal shipping containers will create the architectural structure for shops, food and entertainment. And, they've added this formerly mystery dome.

We assume a large number of folks thought Vortex Immersion was a kooky, pseudo-hippy descriptive of their geodesic feature. But, Vortex Immersion Media is an actual company. And, they specialize in creating temporary installations and theatrical experiences. The photo at the top of our page is their Los Angeles dome set-up.

Vortex installs video and audio systems that "immerse" their visitors once inside. On paper, the L.A. version seems very close to the one we'll receive. It's 50 feet in diameter. Vegas gets 45 feet. L.A. can host 280 standing and 150 seated. Our shaky math, reckons we'll have 10% less.

These Bucky Fuller domes tend to inspire projections of the sky, earth and natural wonders. Sort of like an IMAX documentary. There's also a tendency to invite electronic acts to go all Exploding Plastic Inevitable with light shows. But, the limited space suggests Vegas probably won't be creating a great new venue for rave freak-outs. And, this kid and pet friendly park might also cramp the style.

The Downtown Project wants to add some educational presentations to the dome's programming mix. So, it might not be as trippy as the vortex video examples below imply. But, at least now you'll get a flavor of the concept's potential. Located next to a 35-foot-tall mantis shooting 20-foot-high flames, you should be able to immerse yourself in this experience in the second quarter of 2013.

[Photo rendering and video via Vortex Immersion Media]

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I dont get it! So you can hit a button on a laptop and make music. Oh... and dont forget to wave your arm too.